About Us - Inteb

About Us

Inteb are a team of expert surveyors, consultants and engineers who specialise in advising on and delivering a holistic energy and sustainability service.

The Service You Receive

At Inteb, we cherish the personal connection, building traditional partnerships through direct interaction and individual guidance.

This means every client feels continually supported, with a clear, single point of contact for all their needs.

Our approach isn’t just about providing services, it’s about understanding your unique journey, ensuring you never feel alone.

The Services We Offer

Our services span the full spectrum of energy and sustainability needs, tailored to fit your specific situation, whether you’re just starting your sustainability journey or looking to enhance your existing strategies.

Our team of expert surveyors, consultants, and engineers bring a wealth of knowledge, ready to offer bespoke solutions that evolve with your business.

From energy efficiency to sustainability planning, every client, regardless of when they join us, receives the same level of dedicated service and commitment. This ensures that your partnership with Inteb not only meets but exceeds your expectations, providing long-term, sustainable success.


Cultivate a positive and resilient attitude that drives innovation and collaboration. This can-do spirit infuses all our activities, encouraging us to bring our whole selves to work and excel in our endeavours.


Utilise our knowledge, experience, and influence to assist clients in overcoming barriers to change, aiming to maximize the positive impact we can collectively have on the environment and your business success.


Dedicated to providing exceptional service, we focus on meeting the unique needs of each client, ensuring responsiveness, reliability, and results that meet the expectations of our customers.


We strive to be an excellent employer by nurturing a supportive and inclusive workplace that promotes professional development, work-life harmony, and overall employee well-being.