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TM44 Inspections – Maximising Efficiency and Comfort in Commercial Properties

If you manage commercial spaces, you’re probably aware of TM44 inspections. In the realm of commercial property management, the quest for energy efficiency is never-ending. Amidst this quest, TM

Empowering Your Business: The Essential Role of Energy Consultants in 2024

In the always-evolving landscape of 2024, businesses can ill afford to overlook the potential for further increases in energy prices. The sting of rising energy costs in recent years has been unmistak

Unleashing the Potential of Data Analytics in Business Energy Reduction

For businesses, especially within sectors such as property development, commercial retail, conference and leisure centres, and multi-occupancy property portfolio companies, achieving energy efficiency

Navigating the Energy Crisis: How Data Centres are Adapting and What it Means for You

The current energy landscape is affecting a wide array of sectors, and data centres are no exception. In a recent report from Schneider Electric, about half of the surveyed organisations admitted to p

How the UK’s Changing Energy Landscape Affects Corporate Investment

The UK has long been seen as a leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy. However, recent policy decisions signal a potential step back from the country’s net-zero commitments. Here we ex

COP28: A Turning Point for Climate Action? A Business Energy Market Perspective

Introduction As the countdown begins for COP28, set to be held in Dubai between 30th November and 12th December, business energy market leaders and owners are tuned in more than ever. Why? Because the

Taking Charge of Your Energy and Sustainability Management: The Key Benefits

It’s easy to overlook the complexities of energy management, especially when juggling other responsibilities. However, the right approach can result in significant cost savings and compliance be

Navigating the Energy Market: Why Housing Associations Should Consider Long-Term Contracts

The increasing volatility of the energy market has made energy procurement a complex issue for various organizations, including housing associations. With the rising costs of energy, there’s a g

Nuclear Fusion: A Journey Towards Limitless Energy and Grounded Realities

Introduction As a frontrunner in the energy sector, Inteb has consistently contributed to shaping policies that foster a cleaner and more sustainable future. We have worked closely with the UK Atomic