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Introducing our experts who oversee each discipline here at Inteb

Tom Kelly

Managing Director

Tom Kelly is the Managing Director at Inteb Managed Services Limited, with a distinguished career dedicated to energy, sustainability, and resource efficiency. Since joining Inteb 13 years ago, Tom has led with a vision focused on innovation, strategic planning, and a deep commitment to environmental protection. His expertise, coupled with a proven track record in operational control and strategic development, positions Inteb as a leader in navigating the complexities of achieving net-zero carbon. Connect with Tom to explore how Inteb can support your sustainability objectives.

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Natasha Edwards

Operations Director

Natasha Edwards is the Operations Director at Inteb, where her extensive background in real estate management and commercial energy has propelled her to the forefront of operational leadership. Her tenure at Inteb is marked by a commitment to operational efficiency, strategic planning, and fostering a culture of excellence in customer care. With a hands-on approach to overseeing Inteb’s diverse teams, Natasha ensures that the company remains a reliable and trustworthy partner in energy management. Connect with Natasha to explore Inteb’s innovative solutions for your energy and sustainability needs.

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Les Edwards

Commercial Director

Les Edwards stands as the Commercial Director at Inteb, a pivotal figure since the company’s inception 15 years ago. His expertise in metering and infrastructure, combined with a tactical mindset and a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, has been instrumental in driving Inteb’s business growth and strategic development. Les’s journey with Inteb is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a proven track record in exceeding revenue targets, showcasing his ability to formulate and execute innovative action plans.

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Spondon Bhagowati

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Spondon Bhagowati is an esteemed Senior Sustainability Consultant at Inteb Managed Services, celebrated for his 11-year tenure in environmental sustainability consulting. His expertise spans green building certification, net-zero emissions advisory, and corporate sustainability, underlined by a series of prestigious awards including the “Management & Corporate Sustainability Director’s Prize” from Cranfield School of Management. Spondon is dedicated to supporting organisations in their journey towards sustainability, leveraging his vast experience to foster low-carbon development and resilience against climate change risks. Connect with Spondon to advance your sustainability goals.

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Terry Daly

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Terry showcases a trajectory of dedication, expertise, and leadership that has significantly contributed to Inteb’s growth and operational excellence. His career at Inteb is highlighted by an unwavering commitment to improve the customer experience and a profound understanding of the utilities and energy sector, positioning him as a pivotal figure within the organisation. 

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Andrew Allmark

Technical Services Manager

Andrew Allmark is a Chartered Building Surveyor with three decades of experience in commercial property matters. His extensive background as a Commercial EPC Assessor since their inception has given him a deep understanding of the technical challenges involved in improving commercial properties and portfolios, particularly in the context of Net Zero and Net Positive goals.

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Roger Bird

Head of Trading, Risks, and Markets

Roger Bird is an accomplished energy procurement professional and the Head of Trading, Risks, and Markets at Inteb Managed Services. With extensive experience in the energy sector, Roger excels in delivering strategies that enhance client relationships and drive sustainable growth. His expertise includes risk management, energy procurement, and legislative compliance, underpinned by strong negotiation and communication skills. At Inteb, Roger’s leadership not only aligns with financial targets but also champions the journey towards a low carbon society, ensuring that clients receive unparalleled service and innovative solutions. Connect with Roger to leverage Inteb’s expertise for your energy management needs.

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Dave Inman

Chartered Environmental Surveyor

David Inman, a Chartered Environmental Surveyor at Inteb, specialising in delivering ISO management systems for environmental, energy, CSR, and business management, with expertise in auditing, waste compliance, and sustainability.

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Martyn Horton

Contract Director

Meet Martyn Horton, Inteb’s Consultant Engineer and a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of CIBSE, with a prolific 40-year career in Building Engineering Services.

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