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Terry Daly

Operations Manager

Professional Expertise

As Operations Manager, Terry showcases a trajectory of dedication, expertise, and leadership that has significantly contributed to Inteb’s growth and operational excellence. His career at Inteb is highlighted by an unwavering commitment to improve the customer experience and a profound understanding of the utilities and energy sector, positioning him as a pivotal figure within the organisation. 

Career Journey

Terry’s professional journey with Inteb commenced as an Energy Analyst, where his analytical prowess and deep interest in energy bureau dynamics set him apart. His exceptional ability to identify cost savings for our clients, key trends, streamline processes, and deliver actionable insights led to his rapid advancement to Senior Energy Analyst. In this role, Terry was instrumental in devising strategic solutions that significantly enhanced operational efficiency and value for our clients. 

Leadership and Achievements

Evolving within Inteb, Terry assumed the role of Operations Manager for the Energy Services Team, a position that leverages his skills in team management, strategic planning, and operational oversight. He now leads a dynamic team of energy analysts, guiding them in the delivery of bespoke utility and energy solutions that meet the diverse needs of Inteb’s clientele. Under his leadership, the team has experienced unprecedented growth, renowned for its excellence in service and innovative approach to utilities management. 

Professional Credentials

Terry’s expertise in the energy sector is underpinned by a comprehensive foundation in utilities management, informed by years of experience and ongoing professional development. This blend of education and hands-on experience equips Terry with the best skills necessary to navigate the complexities and challenges of the industry with confidence. This ensures that Inteb’s clients benefit from the most efficient and innovative energy management strategies available, translating Terry’s knowledge into tangible savings and sustainability achievements for them.

His dedication to continual learning and growth ensures that his approach to leadership and operations remains innovative, keeping pace with evolving industry trends and best practices.

Connect with Terry

Under Terry Daly’s leadership, Inteb’s Energy Services Team is transforming the way businesses approach energy management. Connect with Terry to explore how his expertise and Inteb’s innovative energy solutions can support your organisation’s journey towards efficiency and sustainability.