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Roger Bird

Head of Trading, Risks, and Markets

Meet Roger Bird, Head of Trading, Risks, and Markets at Inteb Managed Services. With a proven track record in energy procurement and contract management, Roger leads with innovation and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. His expertise spans risk management, energy procurement, and fostering robust client relationships, driving Inteb towards its mission of making the transition to a low carbon society both profitable and sustainable for its clients. Connect with Roger to discover how Inteb’s solutions can elevate your business.


Roger Bird stands at the forefront of Inteb Managed Services as the Head of Trading, Risks, and Markets. With a robust background in energy procurement and contract/account management, Roger has consistently surpassed targets and driven Inteb towards its mission of fostering a low carbon society. His strategic acumen and dedication have played a pivotal role in promoting innovation, awareness of best practices, and demonstrating the profitability of sustainability.

Areas of Expertise

Roger’s expertise spans across a broad spectrum of critical areas in energy management, including:

Risk Management: Masterfully navigating market uncertainties to safeguard client interests.

Energy Procurement and Wholesale Energy: Strategising procurement to optimise energy costs and sustainability.

Account and Contract Management: Ensuring impeccable service delivery and client satisfaction.

Energy Reduction and Legislation: Championing energy efficiency and compliance with evolving regulations.

Relationship and New Business Development: Building and nurturing client relationships while identifying growth opportunities.

Roger’s proficiency extends to technical analysis, database management, and utilising Reuters Software for market insights, showcasing his versatility and comprehensive understanding of the energy sector.


Key Contributions

Roger has been instrumental in developing and implementing Inteb’s energy procurement services, aligning with the company’s overarching objectives. His leadership has not only retained key clients but also expanded Inteb’s clientele through innovative solutions and meticulous market analysis. Roger’s approach to client management—characterised by empathy, integrity, and respect—reflects “The Inteb Way,” ensuring that customer experiences are both rewarding and enriching.

Under Roger’s guidance, his team has made significant strides in improving processes, enhancing customer experiences, and achieving financial growth targets. His contributions to business development, particularly in flexible and risk-led energy offerings, have positioned Inteb as a leader in energy and sustainability solutions.

Thought Leadership

Roger’s insights into energy markets, procurement strategies, and risk management are not only invaluable to Inteb but also to the broader industry. His ability to distil complex market data into understandable and actionable intelligence has made him a sought-after speaker at industry events and a reliable source of market bulletins for clients.

Connect with Roger

Engage with Roger to explore how Inteb’s energy management solutions can transform your business. Connect on LinkedIn for his latest thoughts on energy markets and sustainability.