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Natasha Edwards

Operations Director

Meet Natasha Edwards, Operations Director at Inteb, whose operational insight, financial acumen, and strategic vision have been instrumental in guiding the company’s success. With 15 years of experience at Inteb, Natasha’s leadership has enhanced the coordination of its multi-disciplinary teams, ensuring excellence in energy management and environmental partnerships. Discover the operational excellence under Natasha’s guidance.


Natasha Edwards serves as the Operations Director at Inteb, where her unique blend of operational acumen, financial expertise, and strategic vision marks her as an invaluable member of the senior leadership team. A graduate in Real Estate Management from Liverpool John Moores University, Natasha began her career as a commercial property surveyor. Over the past 15 years, she has become an integral part of Inteb, significantly contributing to the company’s evolution in commercial energy and utilities management. 

Career and Expertise

Natasha’s journey at Inteb is distinguished by her progression through every area of the organisation, a testament to her versatile skill set and deep commitment to the company’s mission. Her leadership and organisational skills stand out, complemented by a profound understanding of Inteb’s operational procedures. Natasha is recognised for her ability to drive operational efficiency, ensuring that Inteb’s core values of reliability and trustworthiness are upheld in all its energy management and environmental partnerships.

Her approach to leadership is characterised by high expectations of excellence, particularly in customer care, reflecting her belief in the importance of nurturing positive and productive relationships with clients. Natasha’s professional ethos underscores every decision and strategy implemented at Inteb, ensuring that customer satisfaction remains a paramount objective.

Areas of Expertise

Natasha’s expertise spans across a broad spectrum of utilities management, landlord and tenant matters and energy compliance, including:

Landlord & Tenant: using tried and test software with many years working knowledge of the RICS service charge professional code of practice where it refers to budgeting and recovery of utilities.

Energy Bureau: managing a team to optimise energy consumption and costs across large commercial portfolios as well as large single consuming properties.

Account and Contract Management: Ensuring all teams provide outstanding service delivery and client satisfaction.

Energy Legislation: Over 14 years’ working experience in advising commercial clients on risk and implementation of energy performance assessments, modelling and recommendations and compliance with evolving regulations.

Relationship and New Business Development: Building and nurturing client relationships while identifying growth opportunities.

Natashas experience extends to leadership, technical analysis, database management, and interpreting legislation and the impact of property assets from a value and risk perspective. 

Strategic Contributions

Since joining the Inteb board in 2019, Natasha has played a pivotal role in overseeing and enhancing the day-to-day operations of the business. Her strategic oversight ensures the seamless coordination across Inteb’s multi-disciplinary teams, including energy managers, surveyors, utility, and environmental specialists. Under her direction, Inteb has streamlined its operations, optimising efficiency and service delivery to meet the evolving needs of its clients in the energy and sustainability sectors.

Natasha’s leadership is instrumental in navigating the complexities of the commercial energy landscape, driving Inteb forward with innovative solutions that align with the company’s growth ambitions and sustainability goals. Her focus on operational excellence, combined with a keen financial insight, positions Inteb to continue its trajectory of success in the competitive energy management market. 

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Natasha is committed to advancing Inteb’s operational capabilities and enhancing its service offerings. Her vision involves leveraging the latest technological advancements and industry best practices to provide clients with comprehensive and customised energy management solutions. Natasha’s forward-thinking approach ensures that Inteb remains at the cutting edge of the industry, ready to address the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing energy landscape. 

Connect with Natasha

Natasha Edwards’ role as Operations Director underscores her dedication to operational excellence and customer satisfaction at Inteb. Connect with Natasha to learn more about how Inteb’s operational strategies and solutions can support your organisation’s energy management and sustainability objectives.