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Spondon Bhagowati

Senior Sustainability Consultant

Introducing Spondon Bhagowati, a seasoned Senior Sustainability Consultant at Inteb Managed Services. With 11 years of consulting experience, Spondon has been at the vanguard of certification, policy development, and advocacy for sustainable practices across the built-environment industry. His work in green building certification and net-zero emissions advisory has not only earned him prestigious awards but also positioned him as a key player in driving the transition towards sustainable urban development. Learn more about Spondon’s impact.


Spondon Bhagowati brings over a decade of distinguished experience in sustainability consulting to his role as Senior Sustainability Consultant at Inteb Inteb Managed Services. With an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, Spondon has spearheaded certification, policy development, training, capacity building, and advocacy efforts across a multitude of sectors. His expertise in green building certification, net-zero emissions advisory, sustainable urban development, and corporate sustainability positions him as a pivotal figure in supporting the transition of the built-environment industry towards green economic principles. 

Key Achievements

Spondon’s career is marked by significant recognitions and contributions to sustainability:

  • Awarded the “Management & Corporate Sustainability Director’s Prize” by Cranfield School of Management in 2022.
  • Commended by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur in 2018 for implementing Net-Zero Energy, Water, and Solid-waste management initiatives.
  • Honoured with the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment in 2017 for the Net Zero masterplan at IIT Jodhpur.
  • Part of the team awarded CNN-IBN’s “Indian of the year” in Public Service for flood relief shelters in Ladakh, 2010.
  • Received special commendation for an article on green buildings by Build Today Architectural Journalism Awards, 2010.
  • Awarded the University of California’s Berkeley Prize for Architectural Design Fellowship in 2009. 

Areas of Expertise

Spondon’s expertise encompasses a wide array of sustainability-focused disciplines, including:

Certification and Policy Development: Specialising in LEED, BREEAM, CRREM, NABERS, WELL, ISO – 14001 & 50001 and other green building standards.

Sustainable Urban Development: Advocating for and implementing strategies that promote sustainable city planning and construction.

Corporate Sustainability and Organisational Resilience: Developing and advising on strategies that ensure companies are both environmentally sustainable and resilient to climate change. Such as Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) mandatory reporting.

Client Relations and Business Development: Expertly managing relationships with clients and fostering business growth through sustainability initiatives.

Carbon life cycle and embedded carbon assessments 

Thought Leadership

Spondon’s thought leadership in sustainability is evident through his extensive involvement in high-impact projects and his contribution to academic and professional discourse. He is passionate about educating and guiding organisations in adopting sustainable practices that align with low-carbon development goals. 

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