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Les Edwards

Commercial Director


Les Edwards stands as the Commercial Director at Inteb, a pivotal figure since the company’s inception 15 years ago. His expertise in metering and infrastructure, combined with a tactical mindset and a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, has been instrumental in driving Inteb’s business growth and strategic development. Les’s journey with Inteb is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a proven track record in exceeding revenue targets, showcasing his ability to formulate and execute innovative action plans.

Professional Insights and Achievements

With a career spanning over 15 years in the energy consultancy sector, Les has developed a profound knowledge in commercial energy and utilities management. His role on the Inteb board as the head of business development has enabled him to identify new market opportunities, forging important strategic partnerships and optimising revenue streams to enhance overall business performance. Les’s unique blend of commercial awareness and unrivalled customer service has established him as a key asset in Inteb’s decision-making process.

His collaborative leadership style promotes open communication and transparency within the board, ensuring Inteb remains agile and well-positioned to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. Les’s extensive regulatory and industry experience has been crucial in recognising and capitalising on new market opportunities, furthering Inteb’s mission and business objectives.

Client-Centric Approach

Les is highly regarded for his approach to client management, focusing on saving money and alleviating utility and metering headaches for Inteb’s clients. His prime objectives include improving energy management reporting, implementing strategies to reduce carbon footprints, and cutting through the red tape to simplify dealings with utility suppliers and meter operators. Les’s dedication to providing friendly, supportive, responsive, and organised service is evident in the lasting relationships he builds with clients, helping them achieve their ambitions through smart energy management and project implementation.

Services and Expertise

Les offers an expertise in a range of services aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and compliance, including:

Infrastructure Projects: Coordinating utility connections, disconnections, and capacity amendments.

Settlement AMR Metering: Arranging portfolio-wide AMR upgrades.

Sub AMR Metering: Implementing solutions for tenant recharging services.

Distribution and Verification Reports: Producing surveys for clear utility distribution understanding.

Energy Compliance Management: Ensuring clients remain compliant with relevant energy legislation.

Account and Contract Management: Ensuring all teams provide outstanding service delivery and client satisfaction.

Project Management: Les has demonstrable experience in a career spanning over 14 years with Inteb, with over 6 years of that period being acting as our lead project manager, ensuring projects are handled with the minimum involvement from our clients and are delivered on time and on budget. Les’s attention to detail and communication skills is really something to witness – he leaves no stone unturned and is on hand morning noon and night for our clients and trusted partners. 

Recognition and Recommendations

Les’s commitment to going the extra mile for his clients has earned him high praise and recommendations from industry professionals. Colleagues and clients alike commend his knowledge, approachability, and unwavering dedication to client success. Described as honest, hardworking, and a valuable asset to any business, Les’s diligence, exceptional perception, and organisational skills have made him a respected figure in the energy sector.

Vision for the Future

As Commercial Director, Les continues to lead Inteb’s commercial strategy with a focus on sustainable growth, client satisfaction, and innovation in energy management solutions. His vision for the future involves leveraging his deep industry insights to further Inteb’s position as a leader in the energy consultancy field, ensuring clients not only meet but exceed their energy efficiency and sustainability goals.

Connect with Les

Les Edwards’ role at Inteb embodies his dedication to excellence in commercial energy management and client service. Connect with Les to explore how Inteb’s commercial strategies and solutions can support your organisation’s energy management ambitions and drive towards a sustainable future.