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10 ways to make your business more energy efficient


Reducing your company’s energy usage and carbon emissions will reap huge rewards. It will save you money and give you the chance to win new customers and attract top talent.

So, what can you do to make your organisation a little more eco-friendly?

10 ways to make your business more energy efficient

Here are ten ways to make your business more energy efficient:

1.   Establish a business case

It’s an established fact that cutting carbon emissions makes your business greener. Not only that, it can cut office energy costs by as much as 65%.

2.   Lead from the top

Everyone, from the highest to the lowest, must be engaged in cutting energy wastage. There’s no point asking staff to be more aware if the CEO isn’t doing his/her/their bit too.

3.   Create a road map

To succeed, you need a road map on how to reach your targets – and what each individual within the company must do to play their part. A roadmap helps you decide what goals you need to achieve and how to get there.

Tell a story of how to get there, the best roadmaps have a narrative that paints a picture for others to follow.

4.   Install smart meters

Smart meters show how much electricity and gas are used in real-time. So, you only pay for what you use instead of an estimated amount.

5.   Measure, monitor and target

Otherwise known as MM&T.

Constantly measure and monitor the energy you’re using, and target any areas for improvement. By being aware, even when you switch to energy-efficient equipment, there are always savings to be found.

6.   Find patterns

Look out for peaks in energy use to see if you can find energy-efficient ways to reduce consumption during these spikes. By tracking energy use like this, you can get to the root of energy wastage and save your business money.

7.   Switch things off

When the building is empty, power down everything, including lights, computers, photocopiers and kitchen equipment like coffee pots and kettles.

8.   Boost profits and reputation

A socially responsible business with recognised “green” credentials, like an ISO 50001 energy certificate, gives you a competitive edge. Vital at a time when consumers and customers are demanding greener energy processes, products and services.

9.   Create an energy-aware workforce

By helping staff to understand how they can improve energy efficiency at work, they’ll also be able to use this knowledge to cut costs at home.

10.   Communicate your energy successes

When your energy reduction techniques start paying off, let everyone know. Send press releases to the local press and flyers to local businesses you could work with. And just as importantly, give your staff a big pat on the back for playing their part.

Ready to save your business even more money?

Once you open the door to energy efficiency, you won’t look back!

But we guarantee that, if you make the commitment, you will not go back to doing nothing. However don’t forget there is never a “one size fits all”. A large city centre corporation can’t be compared with an out-of town SME – the business’ own unique nature will be the driver.

An energy-efficient office can actually save 65 per cent on its energy bills – not something to be ignored during these crazy times. And that’s just for starters…

Ready to become more energy efficient?

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