An update on your 2020 SECR submissions - Inteb

An update on your 2020 SECR submissions


In our article, ‘SECR: More bureaucracy or a positive roadmap to a sustainable future?’, we explained how, in April 2019, the UK Government made it mandatory for businesses, manufacturers and charities to report their energy and carbon emissions by submitting an annual SECR form.

But that was before the coronavirus pandemic, an event which has forced the Government to make some changes.

Changes in submitting your SECR forms

With the pandemic continuing to have a massive impact on businesses across the UK, and the world, the Government has announced a 3-month extension for businesses to file their accounts and SECR reports.

A move which has been encouraged by Louise Smyth, Companies House Chief Executive, who said:

By easing the burden, we can help businesses through this period and enable them to thrive in the future. I would encourage companies who believe they would benefit from this new flexibility to make an application in a good time.

As part of the agreement, companies applying for the extension must cite COVID-19 as their reason for delay which will be granted automatically. You can apply for the extension now on the GOV.UK website, with applications taking just 15-minutes to complete through their fast-track system.

Leaving it to the last minute

But here’s the thing.

Applying for an extension makes it easy to put off filing your reports, and before you know it you’ll be scrambling around at the last minute, or worse, you’ll forget entirely.

Instead, why not leave filing your SECR submission to Inteb?

At Inteb, our experienced team will complete your SECR form and make sure everything is as stress-free as possible for you.

Inteb will also:

  • Calculate accurate emissions data
  • Provide you with all necessary documentation
  • Conducting all the required audits to make sure you are compliant

Let Inteb do the work while you reap all the benefits.

Want us to help you with your SECR documentation?

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