Does your business need to be ESOS Phase 3 compliant?

Does your business need to be ESOS Phase 3 compliant?


Phase 3 applies to all UK businesses with 250 staff or more staff, those with an annual turnover of over £44m or organisations with yearly incomes of £38m or more on 31st December 2022. Also, businesses that are part of an eligible corporate group must comply, even if they wouldn’t meet these criteria as a standalone.

If your business qualifies, then here are some important dates you need to remember:

  • The qualification date is up to 31st December 2022
  • And your compliance date is 5th December 2023

ESOS Phase 3 non-compliance could result in fines of up to £235,000. And if that wasn’t bad enough, non-compliant businesses will have their details published on the Government website, which could result in devastating reputational damage.

Government consultation

A recent government consultation into changing the scheme for better net-zero alignment may result in changes to ESOS, the main one being a reduction of the 10% de minimus exemption ahead of the Phase 3 compliance deadline.

Watch this space for more updates on the scheme.

Additional Benefits

ESOS should be a critical driver in a broader net-zero corporate strategy. Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of delivering corporate net-zero targets while reducing Scope 2 emissions and helping measure and reduce indirect (Scope 3) emissions. If planned and implemented strategically, the ESOS process will encourage suppliers and other stakeholders to measure and reduce their direct emissions, making it easier for everyone to report disclosures and help verify science-based emissions targets.

ESOS surveys will help with SECR disclosures, and identifying energy efficiency projects. In addition, as enterprises assess what actions to take to achieve net zero, ESOS audits can be extended to include net-zero measures. This way, the whole process can be streamlined to focus on those improvements that have the most impact.

Do you need to be ESOS Phase 3 compliant?

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