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Engaging the Young Minds: Building Sustainability Awareness in Schools



Contribution by Our Chief Operating Officer: Tom Kelly

At Inteb, we’re not only focused on the present, but we’re firmly committed to securing a greener, more sustainable future. Part of this undertaking involves sparking curiosity and understanding in our future generations. We view it as our responsibility to help empower these young individuals, equipping them with the knowledge and the tools they’ll need to care for our planet responsibly. We’re firm believers in the immense potential that rests within their young hands – a potential with the capacity to shape the future of us all.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Inteb, I’ve had the privilege of bringing the green agenda to local primary schools recently, introducing the concept that a good life does not have to come at the expense of our planet. It’s been a rewarding experience to show these young minds how their actions today can make a significant difference for the world of tomorrow.


Two of the schools I’ve visited, Wirral’s Brackenwood Primary School in Bebington and St Winifrede’s Catholic Primary in Neston, have already demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental issues. They invited me to engage with their Year 6 and Year 5 pupils, underscoring how collaboration is crucial to preserving our environment.


I believe strongly in the importance of discussing environment, sustainability, and renewable energy topics with our youth. These themes are not only relevant to our lives today, but they are integral to the battle against climate change. By fostering an understanding of these matters from an early age, we can pave the way for them to adopt eco-friendly lifestyles as they grow older – lifestyles that can bring about change.


During my visit to Brackenwood, I had the chance to talk with Year 6 pupils about sustainability in business, offering local examples of sustainable practices and discussing ways they can personally make an impact. We touched on simple but powerful actions like using less plastic, recycling more, eating less meat, and choosing to walk or cycle instead of riding in cars to school.


Over at St Winifrede’s, I engaged with Year 5 pupils on sustainability matters as part of a special geography topic on climate change and pollution.

In the end, it’s always a pleasure to contribute to the growing environmental awareness in our local primary schools. It’s heartening to see the younger generation being guided by their parents and teachers towards understanding that their environmental choices truly matter. The hope is that they will grow up with a strong awareness that living well and protecting our planet are not mutually exclusive.


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