Growth surge for energy specialists Inteb as businesses face global challenges

Growth surge for energy specialists Inteb as businesses face global challenges


Energy and sustainability specialists Inteb have embarked on a major expansion programme as the business predicts a further 40 per cent surge in growth for the coming year.

Ongoing development for the Wirral-headquartered operation follows a previous 40% boost in trading conditions throughout 2021 as energy, environmental and sustainability issues grew to become one the most challenging global concerns facing commercial operations.

To support and advise Inteb’s client base of large corporates, real estate investors and institutional landlords across the UK, five new members of staff have recently been recruited to join its workforce and associates.

This figure is expected to rise to cope with clients’ demands in their efforts to improve energy performance, drive down energy usage and billing and to reduce their carbon footprint.

Chief operating officer Tom Kelly, heading up Inteb’s teams of energy managers, engineers, chartered surveyors, utility and sustainability specialists at the Wirral waterfront site of Egerton House, said:

“The knock-on effects of the Covid pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and price rises in the wholesale energy market have had immense impact on businesses and their profitability.
“Understandably, this period has forced us to appreciate that greater and more innovative ways have to be found not only to look at ways of reducing energy and water usage but also to make sure decarbonisation and sustainability measures are being set in place to meet vital net zero energy targets.
“Remarkably, however, the pandemic actually offered a rare set of opportunities for us as our future development strategy began to take form.
“Lockdown restrictions meant remote working for all the Inteb team but we turned that into a positive by realising that, because we couldn’t do site visits and therefore cut out travelling up and down the country, we actually had more time to spend focusing on client strategy to meet their specific needs.”

The five new members of the team cover all of Inteb’s core services of gas, electricity and water procurement, improved sustainability and energy regulatory compliance for its portfolio of blue-chip clients including AstraZeneca, Bupa, NHS, Co-op, British Land, Hitachi and Royal London.

As sustainability assistant, Lili Boyle helps clients reduce carbon emissions and associated environmental impacts, project executive Sophie Gordon manages Heat Networks and Automatic Meter Reading while Joanne Wiggins and Lyn Hurst, in their roles as utilities support assistants, process and validate clients’ energy bills and administrator Michalis Migos supports the Energy Procurement team as they prepare tenders and manage contract renewals.

Three major issues are currently facing UK business – energy and utilities prices, the green agenda and long-term energy security from reduced dependency on imported fuels.

Tom added:

“At a time of uncertainty in the national and global energy markets, hard-hit businesses are under unprecedented pressure to survive. In this often volatile and fast-moving climate, thinking long-term rather than opting for short-lived energy solutions is a huge challenge when it comes to driving down costs and working to meet the government’s carbon neutral targets by 2050.
“It’s a time for resilience to meet these challenges and for the business to make the right decisions based on real knowledge and understanding of its consumption habits, to begin the precise monitoring of its fuel output and to then take total control of its energy usage.”

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