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Inteb Announce Heat Networks Tool


Inteb, a specialist energy services and sustainability company, has launched a Heat Networks Tool in response to the updated requirements of the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 (as amended 2015 and 2020).

All heat suppliers billing third parties for heating and/or cooling from district and communal heat networks must now classify their building assets into three new classes before 27th November 2021. Furthermore, The Regulations will require many currently unmetered networks to be upgraded to a fully measured status before 1st September 2022.

‘The September 2020 update is a major revision to the existing regulations. If a building falls into the viable class metering will have to be installed, commissioned and used in billing by 1st September 2022. If you find your building in the open class you must have completed the BEIS Cost Effectiveness Calculator by 27th November 2021 – and implement metering if required by September 2022. Even those in the exempt class must notify OPSS (The Office for Product Safety and Standards) as originally mandated in 2014 when the Regulations first came into law. I urge buildings owners to act now’

Colin Jones, MD and owner of Inteb

The Inteb tool moves users through a series of questions resulting in a confirmed classification. Inteb will be offering support in completion of the BEIS Cost Effectiveness Tool, metering surveys to establish implementation costs and implementation itself.

Colin continued ‘We have been delivering compliance services and complex metering solutions to clients since our inception. My team is highly experienced and we have an established network of engineers with practical survey expertise and knowledge of how to implement sensible solutions.’

Jamie Flanagan, client relations at Inteb, added ‘We have examined the regulations in depth and would note that there are two versions of the BEIS Cost Effectiveness Calculator – full and reduced input. Anyone affected would do very well to have the energy data and implementation costing to hand to be eligible to take the reduced input calculator route. The full input route is much more demanding’.

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