Inteb Renewables: helping businesses invest in renewable technology

Inteb Renewables: helping businesses invest in renewable technology


Our new service, Inteb Renewables, is helping businesses invest in the right renewable technologies for their business. And by signing up, you can gain access to energy and sustainability experts who can advise on the best renewable energy technology for your business.

Which renewable technologies are right for you?

Every business is different, so you should never take a one-size-fits-all approach when switching from fossil fuels to renewables. Some you may already have, while others may not be right for you.

But by working with Inteb Renewables, we can give you more information on:

LED lighting

Cost savings, reduced maintenance, improved lighting performance and short payback periods make LED lighting cost-effective in reducing energy costs.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Most HVAC systems waste energy due to poor maintenance and setup. We maintain, monitor and repair existing HVAC systems and often find ways to reduce energy and cost wastage.

Heat Pumps

We specify the right system for you and integrate it with your HVAC to reduce energy costs.

Solar Panels

We offer a complete design and installation service and can maintain, monitor and repair your existing panels.

Hot water systems

Most buildings have centralised hot water storage. Inteb can install a decentralised system with localised water heaters to significantly reduce your energy costs.

Electric vehicle chargers

Inteb has years of experience installing electric vehicle charging points and only supply and install at competitive rates. 

Inteb Renewables


The benefits of investing in renewable technology for businesses

The benefits of switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy for the planet are well known. But there are also substantial financial benefits for businesses switching to eco-friendly alternatives, like:

Lower energy bills

The cost of fossil fuels like gas, coal and oil fluctuates because they’re finite. And the pandemic and war in Ukraine have contributed to spiralling costs.

Switching to renewable energies, like:

  • Wind power
  • Solar panels
  • Thermal energy
  • Geothermal
  • Hydroelectric
  • Biomass
  • Anaerobic digestion

It can reduce bills and help you take steps to achieve your net-zero goals.

Lower operating and sourcing costs

As renewable energy is a natural resource that will never run out, it’s cleaner, more accessible and cheaper to source.

Reduced maintenance costs

Compared to traditional energy systems, renewable energy systems are relatively low maintenance. This means you’ll save money on call-out fees, repairs and replacements.

If cared for correctly, new solar panels can last over 40-years.

Minimal disruption to services

Renewable energy is more reliable than fossil fuels, so you’ll never lose power and have to stop working. An electrical fault or adverse weather can disrupt work for hours — not so with renewables.

Good ROI

Understanding the return on investment is crucial in business, especially for large purchases. Renewable technology like heat pumps, LED lighting, HVAC and solar panels can be costly upfront. But long term, they’ll save you money.

Improved reputation

Demonstrating you’re serious about sustainability can win you business. Every company needs a green supply chain, so you could lose current clients and miss out on future ones if you have a terrible carbon footprint.

Why your business needs to invest in renewable technology

Renewable technology is a vital part of every net-zero roadmap. And assessing which technology is right for your business depends on several commercial and technical factors, including:

  1. Understanding energy use profile
  2. The suitability of land and buildings
  3. Funding opportunities and mechanisms

And because of the spiralling costs of fossil fuels, caused by supply, demand and world politics, businesses have the opportunity to position themselves as cost-effective, carbon-neutral and, in some cases, self-sustaining..

Switching to renewable technology is simple

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