Inteb Renewables: how investing in EV charging points benefits a business

Inteb Renewables: how investing in EV charging points benefits a business


Do you need to future proof your business and de-risk your energy needs?

Do you need to deliver a net-zero strategy?

Do you want to improve the environment and your reputation?

In 2021, the sale of electric vehicles (EV) increased by 76.3%. While the latest car stats show an estimated 450,000 EVs and 775,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are on the UK roads. And with a ban on the sale of petrol vehicles due to come into force in 2030, the increase of EVs will rise exponentially in the next few years.

Why businesses are installing EV charging stations now

With businesses under pressure to hit net-zero targets, many are installing EV charging points at their premises.


Because by encouraging their employees to switch to electric (and by changing their fleet of company cars to EVs), they can dramatically reduce their carbon emissions.

The best way to do that is with Inteb Renewables.

Inteb Renewables gives you access to energy and sustainability experts who will help specify, source and install EV chargers and infrastructure at your company’s premises. And if that wasn’t enough, we also advise you on other renewable energy technology that can help you reach net-zero.

EV Charging

The 9 benefits EV chargers have for businesses

Investing in electric vehicle charging points can benefit your business in the following ways:

1. Future-proof your business

In the next few years, the Government will start putting pressure on businesses to install chargers and swap their company cars from petrol to electric. And with this pressure will come demand.

By installing them now, you get in early and save yourself the hassle of waiting times. Plus, prices are likely to rise with demand, which means you could also save your business money in the long run.

2. Attract new customers

Installing chargers can help you attract new customers to your business. With EV charging points still outnumbered by petrol pumps, EV drivers always welcome a business property that provides them.

It can help them stay longer at your premises or in your shop, giving you more chances of making a sale or attracting new, life-long customers.

3. Increase revenue

When a customer chooses your charging point, you get paid when they charge their vehicle. Additional revenue means that you can soon get a good ROI on the cost of installing the charger.

Everything from then on is pure profit.

4. Reduce your carbon footprint

Whether it’s staff, customers or clients, if they drive petrol or diesel cars, it goes against your carbon footprint. By investing in EV charging points, you reduce your carbon footprint and show you’re serious about the environment.

5. Attract the best talent

The next generation of workers cares about the environment more than any other. So, show them you are serious about being green by making electric vehicle charging a priority.

6. Positive PR

Installing chargers shows you are serious about your net-zero claims. This can result in good PR, which increases interest in your business — winning you more clients and new contracts.

7. Support your employees’ needs

More staff will be driving electric cars in the coming years, and providing them with charging points shows you care about your team. This can build employee loyalty and improve your reputation as a good employer.

8. Give employees tax cuts

A huge benefit of electric chargers (or, more specifically, electric company cars) is that the Government has introduced tax cuts for employees who use company EVs for personal use.

Yet another benefit that improves employee happiness and loyalty.

9. Workplace grant schemes

Your business can currently take advantage of Government workplace grant schemes that give your financial support to install EV chargers. Grants are also available when adding certain electric vehicles to your fleet of company cars.

Helping your business install EV charging points

Above are just nine benefits of installing electric vehicle chargers at your place of business — benefits you need to take advantage of.

So, to start reducing your carbon emissions, win customers and show you’re serious about your net-zero targets, Inteb can help.

Installing EV charging points is simple

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