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Inteb Renewables: how investing in heat pumps benefits a business


Do you need to future proof your business and de-risk your energy needs?

Do you need to deliver a net-zero strategy?

Do you want to improve the environment and your reputation?

Thousands of UK businesses are choosing to install heat pumps as a low carbon alternative to electric and gas heating. And the best way to make the switch is with Inteb Renewables because we specify, source and install the right heat pump system for your premises and can integrate it into your existing HVAC.

Inteb Renewables also gives you access to energy and sustainability experts who can advise you on the right renewable energy technology for your business.

Inteb Renewables heat pumps

What are heat pumps?

Heat pumps are a greener alternative to other heating systems, like gas boilers. They absorb heat from the air, water and ground and supply hot water and heating at a fraction of the cost of a traditional heating system.

The 8 benefits heat pumps have for businesses

Investing in heat pumps can benefit your business in the following ways:

1. Increased energy efficiency

Heat pumps operational efficiency is 400%, which is 300% higher than a conventional electric heater that only works at 100% efficiency.

2. Reduce carbon footprint

By working at 400% efficiency, a heat pump saves you 75% on your electricity bills, but it’s a saving that would otherwise be generated by carbon-spewing power stations. Also, heat pumps don’t emit carbon, reducing your own emissions further, however when and if they are coupled with a renewable electricity supply, heating systems can become carbon neutral.

3. Lower costs

An efficient heat pump can save you £260 per year, depending on the building’s size and specifications.

4. Low maintenance

Ground and air source heat pumps draw heat from the environment and are unaffected by low temperatures in winter.

With regular servicing, a heat pump should last up to 25-years before being replaced.

5. Flexibility

Whether your business is a single office, spaced across multiple buildings, or one large contained unit, there’s a heat pump system suited to your set-up.

6. Improved safety levels

No risk of major fires, gas or carbon monoxide leaks. What’s more heat pump systems provide water at reasonable temperatures, overcoming the dangers of hot and scalding water

7. Positive PR

Having a low or zero carbon footprint allows you to boast about it in your marketing. This will earn you praise and make you an attractive prospect to employees and businesses.

8. Very Good ROI

Government incentives for installation and reduced energy costs outweigh initial investment, saving your business money in the short and long term.

For example, companies can claim 130% capital allowance on qualifying plant and machinery investments. This includes heat pumps and is applicable for expenditure incurred from 1st April 2021 until the 31st March 2023. So, if a company invests £10,000 into the implementation of heat pumps, their taxes could be reduced by up to £2,500 for that tax period, known as “super-deduction”. 

Helping your business switch to heat pumps

One of the most significant overheads for businesses is energy costs. And with the increasing electricity demand, soaring gas and oil prices and the need to reduce carbon emissions, many companies are switching to heat pumps.

Start reducing your business’s energy costs, carbon footprint, and reliance on fossil fuels by investing in a heat pump system today.

Switching to renewable technology is simple

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