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Inteb Renewables: how investing in solar power benefits a business


Do you need to future proof your business and de-risk your energy needs?

Do you need to deliver a net-zero strategy?

Do you want to improve the environment and your reputation?

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, with thousands of UK businesses choosing solar energy to power their operations. Inteb Renewables offers a complete design and installation service. Or, if you already have solar panels installed, we can monitor and repair your existing panels.

Not only that, but Inteb Renewables also gives you access to energy and sustainability experts who can advise you on the best renewable energy technology for your business.

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The 9 benefits of solar power for businesses

Solar panels have become an increasingly popular choice of renewable energy for businesses because of their benefits for businesses, including:

1. No fluctuating energy prices

Grid-supplied electricity prices are driven by supply and demand. And location can lead to increased costs too. Then there is the volatility of gas and oil prices, which are affected by supply, demand and world events, like pandemics and wars.

Solar power and renewable energy are unaffected by these, which means costs rarely fluctuate.

2. Lower costs

Although solar panels can be an initial heavy investment, with Small Scale PV Systems costing between £5,000 – £10,000 to install and Solar Thermal Energy Systems costing between £3,000 – £5,000, the savings make the investment worthwhile.

Also, as solar is a fraction of the cost of electricity, gas and oil, some business owners will see an annual reduction of up to 70%. And as solar panels also provide free electricity during the daytime, you could save thousands every year.

3. Lower maintenance costs

Solar panels pay for themselves within 5 to 10-years and can last up to 50-years before they need replacing (if maintained properly). They’re also unlikely to need much maintenance, so you’ll never have to replace whole systems.

4. Minimal service disruption

Solar energy is more reliable than fossil fuels, so you’ll never lose power and have to stop working. Electrical faults and adverse weather can disrupt work for hours — not so with solar.

5. Backup energy stores

One of the benefits of solar energy is storing backup power in solar batteries. Solar panels can generate more electricity than your business needs, and that excess can be stored in batteries for later use.

6. Improved carbon footprint

Solar energy is one of the cleanest energy sources because it doesn’t release any greenhouse gases, which will reduce your business’ carbon footprint.

7. Positive PR

Having a low or zero carbon footprint gives you something to boast about in your marketing, winning you praise and making you a more attractive prospect to employees and businesses.

8. Flexibility with other renewable systems

Solar panels are a flexible energy source and work well with other renewable sources, most notably Heat Pumps. Heat Pumps are a renewable energy system that provides heat during Autumn and Winter and powers air conditioning in Spring and Summer.

By combining renewable energy systems, you’ll keep consumption low.

9. Very good ROI

Government incentives for installation and reduced energy costs far outweigh any initial investment, meaning you’ll save your business a lot of money in the short and long term.

Helping your business get the best out of solar power

One of the biggest overheads for any business is energy costs. And with the increasing electricity demand, soaring gas and oil prices and the need to reduce their carbon footprint, many companies are switching to solar power.

To reduce your business’s energy costs, carbon footprint, and reliance on fossil fuels, switch to renewable technology today — visit the Inteb Renewables page to find out how.

Switching to renewable technology is simple

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