Inteb Renewables: why your business should invest in LED lighting

Inteb Renewables: why your business should invest in LED lighting


Do you need to future proof your business and de-risk your energy needs?

Do you need to deliver a net-zero strategy?

Do you want to improve the environment and your reputation?

When researching how your business can reduce its carbon footprint, one of the first things you’ll find is advice on replacing your old incandescent or halogen light bulbs with LEDs.

And with good cause, because old-style bulbs are not only getting harder to find, they also affect your net-zero aims due to the carbon they emit.

Why businesses should invest in LED lighting

With your business under pressure to hit its net-zero targets, or maybe achieve a higher EPC rating, investing and installing LED lights is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint and mitigate risks associated with the impact of MEES legislation.

The best way to do that is with Inteb Renewables.

Inteb Renewables gives you access to energy and engineering experts who will help specify, source and install the right LED lighting at your company’s premises — whether that’s spotlights, panels or lamps. And if that wasn’t enough, we also advise you on other renewable energy technology that can help you reach net-zero.

LED Lighting

The 8 benefits LED lighting has for businesses

Investing in LED lighting can benefit your business in the following ways:

1. They reduce energy usage

Compared to halogen, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, LEDs are much more energy-efficient, using between 75-80% less energy than old-style bulbs.

Just think of the impact that has on your yearly energy bills.

2. They last longer

LED lights last up to twenty-five times longer than other bulbs. Most LED bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and, if used sparingly, can last twice as long. This means an LED bulb can last up to six years minimum before it needs replacing.

3. They work better in cold conditions

LEDs perform better than any other bulb in cold conditions, making them ideal for security lights and lights used in cold storage spaces, like meat storage lockers, etc.

4. They don’t get hot

LEDs do not get hot, unlike other bulbs, which need to be left for a considerable amount of time to cool down if they blow. This makes LEDs safer to change immediately, ensuring your staff won’t have to work in the dark.

5. They’re flexible

LEDs can be used in every type of lighting, from spotlights and ceiling panels to fairy lights and lamps. They can also be used in track lighting and directly positioned to highlight signs, products, plants and dark corners.

6. They’re dimmable

Many LEDs are dimmable, so they don’t blow when used with a dimmer switch (which can happen with old bulbs). Not only that, they’re also silent when dimmed, unlike halogens which can buzz and be distracting.

7. They turn on instantly

LEDs don’t need time to warm up to reach their full brightness, they reach 100% brightness instantly. Not only great for offices but also workspaces where poor lighting can be a serious health and safety risk, like warehouses, workshops and garages.

8. They come in a range of colour temperatures

Every workplace has its own specific lighting needs, which is where LEDs really come into their own. Most LEDs come with colour changing control, allowing businesses to create and set their own atmosphere, from offices and retail shops to restaurants and bars.

Helping your business switch to LED lights

Above are just eight benefits of installing LED lighting at your place of business. But to make sure you know which type of lighting, whether it’s spotlights, LED ceiling panels or desk lamps, is right for your business, Inteb can help.

All you need to do is visit the Inteb Renewables page to speak to our team so you can start lowering your carbon footprint today.

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