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Maximising Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing


Energy efficiency is crucial in every business sector these days. But one of the largest producers of carbon is the manufacturing industry. So, if you work in manufacturing, we’re going to show you how to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Enhance sustainability
  • Meet regulatory requirements

All while maximising energy efficiency.

 Ways to maximise energy efficiency in manufacturing

If you’re looking to maximise energy efficiency in your organisation, here are seven things you need to consider:

1.    Understand the importance of energy efficiency in manufacturing

Before implementing changes, you need to understand why energy efficiency is important.

Environmentally, it lowers greenhouse gases, pollutants and water wastage. While economically, it lowers your utility bills, creates jobs and stabilises energy expenditure.

2.    Conduct an energy audit to identify areas for improvement

We have listed some of the areas that typically recommend looking at when we undertake esos/ energy audits.

Knowing these will help you create a plan to fix any issues and make it easier to solve problems and reduce energy waste in the future.

Check out our Audits and Energy Surveys page to learn about energy audits.


Install variable-speed drives in your fans and pumps

Invest in high-efficiency motors

Review your planned maintenance to ensure regular lubrication, belt tightness and alignment

Reducing motor speed by 20% can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%

Compressed air

Consider reducing the operating pressure – it could save up to 7%

Switch compressors off when not in use

Heating and insulation

Up to 12% of all the energy used by the manufacturing industry is for heating buildings

Recirculate the heat created by production

Keep serving according to manufacturers’ recommendations – this can also maintain warranties

Insulation around hot and cold pipework and valve flanges


Encourage staff to switch lights off when they’re not needed

Use movement detectors, time switches and daylight sensors

Label switches so it’s easy to see which one controls which light

Make the best use of natural light

Replace with LED


Check door seals – a faulty one could increase a unit’s power use by 11%

Using too much refrigerant charge can increase energy costs by over 10%

Dirty refrigeration condensers can increase costs by around 26%

When buying new refrigerators, AA++ rated units have the lowest running costs

3.   Implement energy management and monitoring systems

Having a real-time optimisation system allows you to reduce energy consumption in several ways, including:

  • Controlling devices: so you can set the parameters for when electrical, heating and cooling are switched on and off
  • Exploring data: so you know how, when and where you’re using energy and how much it costs
  • Reporting: to monitor your company’s energy consumption
  • Key event reporting: that shows when energy usage is at its highest
  • Alerts: to notify you of excessive energy consumption on-site outside of working hours


4.    Engage employees to promote energy-saving behaviours

By getting staff on board, they’ll play their part in reducing energy waste and costs in your organisation. Engaging employees will create an eco-aware culture, attracting the next generation of environmentally conscious employees.

5.    Calculate and track energy savings

Keeping an eye on your energy savings means you can see how much you’re saving and whether you’re achieving your energy reduction targets.


By following these tips, manufacturers can reduce their environmental impact, lower energy costs, and remain competitive in a rapidly changing business landscape.

So, what’s the best way to implement the above tips?

By speaking to Inteb.


Need help improving your energy efficiency?

Then talk to us.

At Inteb, we offer audits and energy surveys that help your manufacturing business identify where you’re wasting energy and how to make changes to cut your energy bills. What’s more, our Inteb Renewables service will identify:

  1. Sustainable energy options
  2. Energy-efficient technologies
  3. Ways to reduce your carbon footprint
  4. How to protect your business from volatile energy markets

We can advise you on obtaining financial help for your plans and prepare your company for future changes in the energy market.

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