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Navigating the Waters: Expert Solutions for Reducing Your Business’s Water Costs



When it comes to reducing business costs, it’s understandable that your first thought will be to reduce energy bills. And while reducing your carbon footprint is essential, another area you can make significant savings is in your water costs.

So, if you’re tired of sky-high water bills, it’s time to tackle those pesky water costs and make some serious savings.

The Importance of Water Costs Reduction Services.


The need for businesses to optimise water usage and reduce costs is growing rapidly. But by doing so, it can have huge benefits, including:

  • Reducing water bills
  • Reaching sustainability goals
  • Complying with government policy and legislation on water issues
  • Playing your part in eliminating water shortages
  • Responding to investor expectations of increasing sustainability
  • Complying with government policy on water sustainability issues
  • Meeting consumer expectations regarding environmental friendliness
  • Reducing carbon emissions by cutting energy needed during water treatment

Proof, if needed, of the importance of reducing water costs, but with the complex nature of the water industry, you’re likely to need expert guidance.

A Cash-Positive Approach: No Results, No Fee.

Expert guidance can be costly, which is why it’s in the best interests of your business to partner with Inteb.


Because our Water Management Service is performance-based, so you only pay if we achieve positive results.

Here’s how it works:

It’s a unique approach to a critical issue and helps our clients make significant savings, with many receiving refunds from water suppliers too.

4 Ways to Reduce Water Wastage in the Workplace.

While we’re all economical with water usage at home, the same can’t be said for the workplace. With that in mind, here are four ways to help your business reduce water waste:

1.    Get employees on board

This step is crucial because they’re the major cause of water wastage in your organisation. And this can be achieved with:

  • Timed tap running times
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Sustainable use dishwashers and shows

By making them aware of only using water they need, and being aware of running taps, etc., you’ll reduce water use without spending a penny (no pun intended).

2.    Downsize meters and redundant water supplies

Reducing metre sizes and eliminating redundant water supply points can lead to lower standing charges and more accurate billing.

3.    Switch to an eco-friendly water supplier.

You can improve water and wastewater management by switching to a more environmentally responsible and customer-centric supplier.

4.    Implement system upgrades

Implementing Automatic Meter Reading technology, rainwater harvesting systems, and commercial greywater systems can lead to long-term cost savings and sustainability improvements, including leak detection.

Ready to dive in and start reducing your water costs?

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