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Are you looking to renew your electricity contract?


Yes? then read on..

It is now more important than ever to ensure you are getting not only the best price for your energy, but also the best solution for your needs.

Meter Operator (MOP) agreements and Data Collection and Aggregation (DC/DA) agreements are often overlooked but getting it right is vital to making immediate and ongoing savings.


Your business is required to have a MOP contract in place if your meter transmits a read to your supplier every 30 minutes. This may be via a Sim card or hard phone line connection.

This is a mandatory contract that covers the maintenance and service of your Half Hourly meter. This agreement does not have to be with your utility supplier, there are many different options and you are free to choose.

Which factors effect the cost of your MOP agreement?

1.The Provider

If you fail to appoint a MOP yourself then a default MOP will be nominated on your behalf by the supplier, at an inflated cost.

Supplier Independent MOP providers often offer the best value for money. We would strongly advise any business looking at either a new connection or the renewal of a MOP contract to look at the options available to them as prices can vary hugely.

It’s not uncommon to see offers range between £150 per annum to more than £700 per annum dependant on the duration of your MOP agreement and the COP type of the meter

2.Contract length

Costs vary significantly based on contract term, the longer the contract the cheaper it will be. The industry standard contact length is 5 years so it is important to make the right decision for your business.

3.Your location

If your meter is located in an area with poor mobile reception you will require a phone line to communicate the data at an added cost.


Data Collection and Aggregation is another mandatory service linked to your Half Hourly meter.

This service encompasses the collection of the data from your meter and its onward transmission to your energy supplier. This function is often performed by your energy supplier, but just like for your MOP agreement, you have the right to choose the service provider yourself. Whichever provider is chosen they will pass the cost to your energy supplier so you do not have to pay them directly.

Quite simply choosing a provider with a robust data platform to monitor your usage can bring enhanced visibility, resulting in significant further savings.

If you want to get serious about lowering your energy consumption then working with your data is an absolute must and having the right platform to do that is essential.

We work with a range of MOP and DC/DA agents providers to help you get access to fair prices and cutting-edge technology, get in touch if you would like to find out about your options.


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