SECR: More bureaucracy or a positive roadmap to a sustainable future?

SECR: More bureaucracy or a positive roadmap to a sustainable future?


In April 2019, the UK Government made it mandatory for large businesses, manufacturers and charitable organisations to report their energy and carbon emissions by submitting annual SECR (Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting) reports.

However, SECR has proven controversial, with some business owners seeing them as more bureaucratic red tape to cut.

But do they have a point?

Why some business owners see SECR forms as a box-ticking exercise

More paperwork and another political box-ticking exercise.

That’s the opinion some business owners have of SECR. It doesn’t replace any other requirements that many businesses face, such as mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting or the Energy Saving opportunity Scheme (ESOS). They see the relatively small outlay on bringing in an external energy consultant as an expense they don’t need because there is no immediate result.

And that’s before it even comes to collating and reporting energy use and carbon emissions , which can feel like a massive undertaking, for very little or no return.

It costs you nothing

Completing your SECR reporting is the end goal, but let’s look at the realities of what’s involved before reaching that point.Other than an initial outlay for an energy consultant (which isn’t going to break the bank making real, actionable changes in line with your reporting requirements is key and should cost nothing.



An example of an actionable change that will cost you nothing? Reducing the heating temperature and switching it off outside of office hours.

Not only will it substantially reduce your emissions, but it can save your company between 5-10% on their yearly energy bills – that’s £5,000 for large companies spending £50,000 per annum on electricity and gas.

Like ESOS, SECR is about more than “compliance”; it is an opportunity to implement positive changes that will quickly improve your energy performance and sustainability strategy

  • SECR can help businesses focus on energy efficiency because collating the data will highlight consumption and opportunities for reductions.
  • SECR compliance requires businesses to report on actions taken in previous years which should highlight and contrast on any progress made.
  • SECR is aimed at streamlining and simplifying reporting for energy and carbon for large UK businesses.

And the hassle of completing your SECR?

It’s gone, replaced by the determination to make your next yearly emissions total lower than the last and to help save those costs.

Positive environmental PR

Why being environmentally sensitive is good for your business

When your business is sensitive to environmental issues, it opens the door to positive PR and client opportunities, which means if your energy and carbon emissions are low, you shouldn’t hide the fact in a file at the back of your office cupboard.

Instead, you should:

  • Include it in your email signature
  • Add it to the footer of letterheads and contract submissions
  • Contact local and national press
  • Join forces with local environmental groups
  • Speak about the crucial role businesses play in saving the planet

By being proactive, all that extra time and effort can reap big rewards.

How Inteb takes away the hassle of completing your SECR form

If we’ve got you excited about cutting your energy and carbon emissions and saving your business money, we understand how the complexities of complying with SECR might sap your enthusiasm.

The answer?


Our experienced team can complete your SECR reporting for you. And to make sure everything is as stress-free as possible, we also:

  • Calculate accurate emissions data
  • Provide you with all necessary documentation
  • Conducting all necessary audits to ensure you are compliant
  • Find those opportunites to reduce your emissions and save costs

We do the work.

You reap the benefits.

Want us to help you with your SECR documentation?

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