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Taking Charge of Your Energy and Sustainability Management: The Key Benefits


It’s easy to overlook the complexities of energy management, especially when juggling other responsibilities. However, the right approach can result in significant cost savings and compliance benefits. Inteb offers comprehensive energy and sustainability services that help you take control of your energy management, providing accurate data, validated bills, and tailored solutions for tenant recharging and ESG reporting.

The Cost of Ignorance or Doing Nothing

Before diving into the services, let’s consider the real cost of neglecting energy management. According to industry reports, businesses could be overpaying their energy bills by up to 30%, and we consider this estimate to be conservative. This is due to incorrect billing, but Inteb’s energy management programmes have been helping our clients reduce consumption, carbon and costs for nearly 20 years.

We’re proud of our proven track record in reducing energy costs.

A Real-World Scenario: How Inteb can help Asset and Property Managers transform a single new letting into new instructions 

Imagine you’re the asset and property manager of a bustling commercial complex in the heart of London. You’ve just welcomed a new tenant—an established tech company. They’re ESG-conscious but are also concerned about escalating utility bills and the impact on the service charge in their new office space. Understanding the urgency, you reach out to Inteb for a comprehensive solution.

Step 1: Procurement & Contract Management

  • Planning: Your electricity contracts expire in six months, but you use your bulk purchasing power to renegotiate a better tariff before winter sets in.
  • Once contracted, our energy bureau team swings into action, meticulously validating and processing the energy bills.
  • Hidden MOP costs: Many businesses in the UK aren’t aware of the potential savings hidden in their MOP (meter operator) and DC/DA (data collector/data aggregator) contracts. These, together with non-commodity costs, are often overlooked and can be renegotiated and consolidated, offering significant cost savings. Inteb’s expertise in this area can unlock hidden savings. Leave the headache of negotiating contracts to us and simply enjoy the benefits.

Step 2 – Analysis of Energy Consumption

  • You quickly implement energy management in the complex, unlocking the benefits of cost savings and accurate data. Luckily, Inteb has already reviewed your portfolio and helped plan and budget for a smart metering rollout, so sub-meters are already installed in the building. You can advise the tenant that the billing of utilities is compliant with MID regulations, and they will only be charged for the energy they use.
  • Your building management team won’t have to do anything, as Inteb produces recharging statements based on actual consumption data.
  • Our analysts will identify energy consumption patterns, trends, and anomalies and set reduction targets. The key is identifying energy-intensive areas, equipment, or processes, monitoring patterns, and reporting that back to the building management teams.

Step 3: Engagement & Reporting

  • At this point, it’s all about engagement and data sharing–Inteb will frequently liaise with the building facilities teams and maintenance contractors to share real-time energy consumption data, making suggestions to reduce waste without spending a penny. Our analytics software has identified several inefficiencies, including;
  1. HVAC Equipment that is consuming energy at a high rate due to cooling inefficiencies.
  2. Running HVAC systems during non-business hours.
  3. We have also identified quick wins such as draughtproofing gaps and cracks in the building envelope that allow conditioned air to escape and outdoor air to enter.

The Tenant: Depending on the relationship you have with your tenant, you may want to share additional data such as carbon or longer-term initiatives that can be budgeted for, such as new LED lighting in common areas, replacing outdated, energy-inefficient incandescent and T12 fluorescents and lighting controls.

Reducing energy waste leads to significant cost savings and a reduced environmental impact. Implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices can help mitigate many of these issues and promote sustainability, which will help the relationship with all your tenants.

Many tenants must report annual emissions and energy efficiency projects as part of their ESOS and ESG corporate requirements, so this information is vital to them.

Enhanced Analysis & Reporting: This is where you can really impress your tenant.

Our sustainability team can establish key performance indicators that help measure and track the energy performance of the building. Data that can be used in green rating assessments such as NABERS and BREEAM in use and any NET-Zero audits and future assessments such as the UK Net Zero Carbon Building Standard.

The Outcome

Within a month, the building management team reports an immediate reduction in energy consumption, and the property manager is thrilled with the streamlined billing and tenant recharging process. There is newfound transparency and satisfaction in landlord-tenant relations.

By implementing Inteb’s suite of services, not only did the property manager elevate the building’s energy efficiency, but the tech company enquired about additional space and another property in another location. They were so impressed with the regime our client has implemented.

Start Your Journey

Take control of your energy management and unlock the benefits of cost savings and compliance with Inteb’s comprehensive energy and sustainability services. To learn more about how we can help your business, contact our team of experts today.

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