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The future of energy is getting connected


The use of energy is going through a time of unprecedented change with centralised energy systems built in last century now being replaced with new, sustainable, flexible and user-focused methods of operation.

The future of energy

Tomorrow’s energy services won’t look anything like they do today. New ideas, new thinking and new technology will all contribute to the massive – and much-needed – steps being taken to reach the ultimate goal of a net-zero carbon future. What we can see though is that the change over the next two decades will be mind-blowing and, while experts debate what the future will bring, there are some certainties when it comes to the need of businesses who use energy.

We’re working at a time now when business stakeholders – many of them not necessarily energy specialists – are having a massive effect on the energy transition. So too are employees, growing in their numbers, who are putting pressure on their employers to work ethically and consider the environmental impacts their operations have on the planet. This is a new generation of people – mainly the young – who see environmental awareness as a workplace priority and are insisting that businesses become more accountable for their energy consumption.

This change in energy usage will greatly influence how businesses prioritise the health and wellbeing of their staff.

This is an issue being wholeheartedly endorsed by our HR advisor Natalie Lewis who sees businesses’ corporate social responsibility increasingly embracing the protection of the environment. Gone will be just focussing on negotiating the best price of a unit of kWh. In its place will be the necessity to use cleaner forms of energy and a more flexible workplace environment driven by changing demands and attitudes of customers and employees. Businesses will need to place their trust in experienced practitioners, whether that’s through using in-house experts or outsourcing to trusted advisors, to guide them in the right direction, ensuring they take advantage of new energy technologies and cost-effective ways of planning for a net-zero carbon future. It also means staying ahead of the competition.

Energy as a Value Added Service

Businesses don’t care about kWhs or BTUs. They do, however, care about what their stakeholders think and about being profitable and successful. Most people care about each other and want to do things right, operating on an even playing field.That’s why energy as a value-driven service will be so much more important than units of electricity and gas.

Shaping businesses towards a more sustainable future will be the role of energy suppliers and consultants. With energy seen as a service and not just a commodity, customers will need to have more choice in where and how energy is produced, the carbon impact of its production and having the means to operate flexibly and at optimum cost.

A sobering statistic is that we waste about half of our energy in the UK.

Managing energy in the very near future will mean using machine learning and digital technologies to better analyse and control energy demand in real-time. This largely digitalisation of the energy market will integrate all the constituents parts, enabling them to work together more effectively, increasing productivity and wellbeing by being “connected up”.

Connected Energy

Inteb has responded to this challenge; in fact, our customers have demanded that we do!

As a result, we have been busy developing “connected energy” our new and exciting real-time energy platform that gives cost-effective real time control of your assets and connects up all other energy-related data onto a single dashboard which makes reporting and strategic decision making so much easier and more effective.

To find out more on how it can transform the way you look at energy call us now on 0151 601 3476 or contact us