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Why building owners should be getting NABERS assessed


Following its success in Australia, NABERS launched in the UK in November 2020. And, although it’s still a relatively new scheme on these shores, statistics show that since the beginning of the NABERS scheme Down Under, office buildings have seen a 38% reduction in energy use per square metre and a 34% reduction over the last decade.

How NABERS UK works

NABERS UK energy ratings are based on a 6-star system measuring and verifying the energy use in existing premises. This means building owners can:

  • Target
  • Measure
  • Communicate

The energy performance of their buildings more accurately.

The rating ranges from 1 (Poor) to 6 (Market Leading). And a good rating shows a  building could play a part in the transition to net-zero and is future-proofed from changing regulations.

NABERS assessed UK

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A high NABERS rating is vital for every UK business or building owner.

But what do these benefits include?

The benefits of a high NABERS UK rating

Gaining a six-star rating is the dream, but it’s not essential for reaping the full benefits of being NABERS assessed and certified.

The benefits of a good NABERS rating include:

One. Greater energy efficiency

Energy efficiency covers a host of benefits, the main ones being:

  • A greener carbon footprint
  • Lower utility bills
  • Increased property value

It’s not enough to be thinking about being greener these days. If you’re not already implementing net-zero plans, then you’re already way behind.

Two. Increased income from rentals

Businesses and tenants actively search for buildings to work  in which have low carbon footprints. Many of these companies  have set ambitious net-zero targets and are seeking the buildings they need to meet these targets.

And you’ll also find you can charge a little more and tenants will be happy to pay it – resulting in an increase in rental income.

Ignore these sustainability targets and risk being left behind by your competitors which could seriously damage your reputation – and reputations are hard to change.

Three. More attractive to investors

Investors are looking to add buildings to their portfolios in line with their ESG goals and  compatible with their net-zero targets and a  NABERS rating is a simple way to highlight your buildings energy efficiency and showcase your sustainability credentials. So whether you’re looking for investment or looking to sell, you’ll make it easier to attract interest if your building is hitting these goals.

NABERS assessed

In short, having a NABERS rating will help building owners achieve even the most ambitious sustainability targets. Underestimate sustainability and chances are you’re going to make life needlessly difficult for yourself.

Need help understanding NABERS UK?

Then Inteb can help.

At Inteb, we help building owners, managers and investors assess their buildings to NABERS UK standard and support them in creating an action plan to focus on areas where they can:

  • Make savings and improvements
  • Prioritise by carbon & cost savings
  • Gain a greater return on investment

So, what are you waiting for?

Make sure your building is NABERS assessed

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