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Why Tenant Recharging & Bill Validation is important


Industry statistics show that around 80% of customer bills have incorrect charges on them. And these mistakes can lead to you and your tenants paying either too little or too much. So, with errors already appearing on bills, it’s little wonder that landlords and property agents find it difficult to charge their tenants both accurately and fairly.

However, this can be made easier with Inteb’s Tenant Recharging and Bill Validation services.

What is Tenant Recharging?

Tenant Recharging is our tailored service for landlords and property agents to apportion utility costs across their portfolio and tenants within a property.

This allows them to:

  • Recover utility costs in full
  • Analyse energy use and manage reduction programs better

Inteb also handles the whole process, from installing meters and managing all administrative processes to handling data and calculating recharges for individual tenants.

What are the benefits of Tenant Recharging?

The benefits of Tenant Recharging for landlords and property managers include:

  • Tenants receiving accurate and up-to-date utility consumption data
  • Ensuring commercial tenants receive monthly invoices
  • Syncing supplier invoices and tenant bills
  • Reclaiming utility costs directly from tenants and producing service charges
  • Reducing administrative burden

What is Bill Validation?

Bill Validation is where we analyse and validate your utility bills to make sure you’re being charged correctly.

Every invoice is checked for the accuracy of over 80 pieces of information, including expected and historical consumption data. And should any payment adjustments be needed, they’re requested from the supplier for re-billing so that you can adjust the figures in your financial systems.

What are the benefits of Bill Validation?

The benefits of Bill Validation for landlords and property managers include:

  • Fully managed service with validated bills sent directly to accounts payable for payment
  • Identifying incorrect charges
  • Recovering incorrect charges
  • Billing dispute resolution and stop to all utility supplier communications (you’ll never have to speak to an energy supplier again)
  • Greater control over your expenditure due to insight reporting

Why Tenant Recharging and Bill Validation is important

Mistakes made by utility companies can lead to you paying too much or too little and passing those incorrect charges onto your tenants. Inteb’s Tenant Recharging and Bill Validation services ensure you’re being charged and paying the correct amount, giving you peace of mind that your energy bills are accurate.

We also understand how vital a good landlord/tenant relationship is. Happy tenants mean less hassle for you, and when things do go wrong, they’re likely to be less aggressive.

If you’re interested in either our Tenant Recharging and Bill Validation services, you will find our Track & Trace and Sub Metering services valuable too.

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