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Supporting British Land with Compliance and Energy Efficiency Matters


Client Overview

British Land is a leading UK-based real estate investment trust (REIT) with a diverse portfolio of high-quality properties across retail, office, and residential sectors. Committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, British Land aims to enhance the energy performance of its properties and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.


Client Objectives

British Land approached our firm with several key objectives to support their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency:

  1. Energy Audits:
    • Assess the current energy performance of their properties.
    • Identify inefficiencies and benchmark properties against industry standards.
  2. EPC Assessments:
    • Review and update Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to meet regulatory requirements.
  3. MEES Compliance:
    • Develop a strategy to comply with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) regulations, ensuring all properties achieve a minimum EPC rating of ‘E’.
  4. Sustainability Strategy:
    • Develop a long-term sustainability strategy aligned with corporate goals to reduce carbon emissions and improve EPC ratings.
  5. Energy Cost Management:
    • Reduce energy consumption and costs across their property portfolio.


Our Approach

Inteb provided a comprehensive and tailored approach to meet British Land’s objectives, focusing on specific services and products.

  1. Energy Audits:
    • Conducted detailed energy audits of British Land’s properties, analysing historical energy data, identifying inefficiencies, and benchmarking properties against industry standards.
  2. EPC Assessments:
    • Reviewed existing EPCs for accuracy and completeness, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Facilitated updates to reflect properties’ energy efficiency status accurately.
  3. MEES Compliance:
    • Developed a phased approach to upgrade properties with low EPC ratings. Recommended energy-efficient retrofits such as insulation, lighting upgrades, and HVAC improvements to achieve the ‘E’ rating or higher.
  4. Sustainability Strategy:
    • Collaborated closely with British Land to develop a long-term sustainability strategy, setting targets for reducing carbon emissions and improving EPC ratings.



Our partnership with British Land yielded significant results:

  1. Compliance Achieved:
    • All properties in the British Land portfolio achieved compliance with MEES regulations, with EPC ratings improved to meet or exceed the ‘E’ rating requirement.
  2. Energy Cost Reduction:
    • Implemented energy-efficient measures that led to a notable reduction in energy consumption and associated costs, contributing to improved profitability.
  3. Enhanced Sustainability:
    • Bolstered British Land’s commitment to sustainability with reduced carbon emissions and improved environmental performance, aligning with their long-term goals.
  4. Improved Tenant Satisfaction:
    • Created a more comfortable environment for tenants, resulting in increased tenant satisfaction and retention through energy-efficient properties.
  5. Cost Savings:
    • Achieved substantial cost savings over time due to energy efficiency improvements, further enhancing British Land’s financial performance.



By providing comprehensive support in compliance-related matters such as MEES and EPCs, coupled with a strong focus on energy efficiency, we helped British Land achieve its sustainability and cost-saving goals. This partnership not only ensured regulatory compliance but also contributed to the long-term success and environmental responsibility of British Land’s real estate portfolio.