Enhancing Sustainability and Efficiency for Helix Property Advisors - Inteb

Enhancing Sustainability and Efficiency for Helix Property Advisors


Client Overview

Helix Property Advisors is a prominent real estate management firm specialising in commercial and residential properties. With a diverse portfolio, Helix aims to provide exceptional property management services while prioritising sustainability and energy efficiency.


Client Objectives

Helix Property Advisors approached our firm to support their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. They required comprehensive services in several key areas:

  1. TM44 Inspections:
    • Ensure compliance with TM44 regulations for air conditioning systems and identify opportunities for improvement.
  2. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs):
    • Obtain EPCs for all properties in their portfolio to assess energy efficiency and meet legal requirements.
  3. Metering Solutions:
    • Implement advanced metering systems for better energy monitoring, cost optimisation, and sustainability.
  4. Building Management System (BMS) Audits:
    • Evaluate and optimise BMS systems to enhance operational efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  5. Solar Energy Integration:
    • Explore the potential for solar energy solutions to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs.
  6. Track and Trace Surveys:
    • Implement track and trace surveys to gain insights into energy consumption patterns and identify areas for improvement.


Our Approach

Inteb provided a tailored approach to meet Helix Property Advisors’ objectives, focusing on specific services and products.

  1. TM44 Inspections:
    • Our team conducted thorough TM44 inspections on all properties, identifying non-compliance issues and recommending necessary improvements. We assisted Helix in addressing deficiencies and ensuring compliance with TM44 regulations.
  2. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs):
    • We conducted EPC assessments for each property, generating detailed reports with energy efficiency ratings and recommendations. This allowed Helix to prioritise energy-saving initiatives and comply with legal requirements.
  3. Metering Solutions:
    • We implemented state-of-the-art metering systems across their portfolio, enabling real-time monitoring of energy consumption. These systems provided valuable data for optimising energy usage and reducing costs.
  4. Building Management System (BMS) Audits:
    • Our experts conducted comprehensive BMS audits, identifying areas for improvement in their control systems. We recommended upgrades to enhance efficiency, reduce energy waste, and improve tenant comfort.
  5. Solar Energy Integration:
    • We assessed the feasibility of solar energy solutions for select properties, providing detailed ROI analyses and design recommendations. Helix proceeded with solar installations, harnessing renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint and energy expenses.
  6. Track and Trace Surveys:
    • We conducted track and trace surveys to gain insights into energy consumption patterns. This data-driven approach allowed Helix to make informed decisions about energy-saving initiatives and continually optimise their properties.



Our comprehensive support enabled Helix Property Advisors to achieve significant sustainability and efficiency improvements:

  1. TM44 Compliance:
    • Ensured adherence to regulations and avoided potential fines.
  2. EPC Assessments:
    • Highlighted areas for energy efficiency enhancements and facilitated legal compliance.
  3. Advanced Metering Systems:
    • Enabled proactive energy management, resulting in reduced operational costs.
  4. BMS Audits:
    • Improved control systems, optimising energy consumption and tenant comfort.
  5. Solar Energy Installations:
    • Reduced carbon emissions and energy expenses while increasing property value.
  6. Track and Trace Surveys:
    • Provided ongoing insights for sustainable property management and energy savings.


Helix Property Advisors now stands out as a leader in sustainable property management, enjoying reduced operational costs, increased property values, and improved tenant satisfaction. By consistently delivering exceptional results across TM44 inspections, EPC assessments, metering solutions, BMS audits, solar energy integration, and track and trace surveys, we have successfully supported Helix in their journey towards a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.