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Empowering JLL with Comprehensive Utility Management Solutions


Client Overview

Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) is a globally recognised real estate services firm, providing a wide range of services to property owners, investors, and tenants. With a vast and diverse property portfolio, JLL required a trusted partner to streamline their utility management processes, optimise energy consumption, and ensure cost-efficiency.

Client Objectives

JLL approached our firm with several key objectives to enhance their utility management and property optimisation:

  1. Utility Procurement:
    • Secure competitive utility contracts across multiple regions to achieve cost savings while meeting sustainability goals.
  2. AMR Meter Rollout:
    • Implement Advanced Meter Reading (AMR) technology for enhanced data accuracy and real-time monitoring.
  3. Tenant Recharging and Bill Validation:
    • Accurately bill tenants for their utility consumption to prevent disputes and streamline the reconciliation process.
  4. Site Works:
    • Manage site-related projects such as energy-efficient retrofits, infrastructure upgrades, and sustainability initiatives to improve property performance.


Our Approach

Inteb provided a multifaceted approach to comprehensively address JLL’s utility management challenges, focusing on specific services and products.

  1. Utility Procurement:
    • Conducted a thorough analysis of existing utility contracts and consumption data.
    • Leveraged industry expertise and market insights to negotiate new utility contracts with competitive rates and favourable terms.
    • Provided continuous monitoring and periodic contract reviews to ensure JLL consistently received the best deals.
  2. AMR Meter Rollout:
    • Designed and executed a strategic rollout plan for AMR meters across JLL’s properties, minimising tenant disruption and maximising data accuracy.
    • Utilised real-time data from AMR meters for proactive energy management and quick response to anomalies.
  3. Tenant Recharging and Bill Validation:
    • Implemented an automated system for tenant recharging and bill validation, accurately allocating utility costs to individual tenants.
    • Reduced billing disputes and improved transparency between JLL and their tenants.
  4. Site Works:
    • Collaborated with JLL to identify opportunities for energy-efficient retrofits and sustainability initiatives.
    • Managed site works projects, including contractor procurement, project execution, and quality assurance to achieve desired outcomes.



Our partnership with JLL yielded substantial results:

  1. Cost Savings:
    • Achieved significant cost savings through competitive utility procurement and efficient contract management.
  2. Data Accuracy:
    • Improved data accuracy and enabled real-time monitoring through the AMR meter rollout, enhancing energy management and performance optimisation.
  3. Billing Efficiency:
    • Streamlined the billing process with the automated tenant recharging and bill validation system, reducing disputes and improving tenant relations.
  4. Sustainability Gains:
    • Enhanced sustainability and reduced energy consumption through site works projects, aligning with JLL’s commitment to environmental responsibility.
  5. Operational Efficiency:
    • Enabled JLL to focus on core operations by outsourcing utility management tasks to our team, benefiting from our specialised expertise.



Our comprehensive utility management solutions empowered JLL to achieve cost savings, enhance data accuracy, streamline billing processes, and make meaningful strides toward sustainability goals. By optimising energy consumption and managing site works effectively, we contributed to JLL’s overall success and their commitment to delivering outstanding property services to clients and tenants.