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Transforming Utility Metering, Tenant Recharging, and Compliance with Workman


Client Overview

Workman is a leading property management and building consultancy firm operating across the United Kingdom. Their diverse portfolio includes commercial, industrial, and residential properties. They approached us to address challenges related to utility metering, tenant billing, and utility compliance, seeking improvements that would benefit both their clients and their operational efficiency.

Client Objectives

Workman aimed to achieve several key objectives to enhance their operations and ensure regulatory compliance:

  • Improve the accuracy of utility metering.
  • Streamline tenant recharging processes.
  • Ensure compliance with evolving utility regulations and standards.

Our Approach

Inteb provided a tailored approach to meet Workman’s objectives, focusing on key areas of utility management, tenant billing, and compliance.

  1. Utility Metering Accuracy:
    • Comprehensive Assessment: Conducted an in-depth evaluation of existing utility metering infrastructure to identify areas requiring improvement.
    • Advanced Metering Solutions: Implemented advanced metering technologies, including smart meters and automated data collection systems, to ensure accurate meter readings.
    • Data Integration: Integrated real-time data from meters into a centralised platform for precise monitoring and analysis.
  2. Tenant Recharging Solutions:
    • Automated Billing System: Introduced an automated tenant recharging system that accurately billed tenants based on actual utility consumption, reducing billing disputes.
    • Transparent Cost Allocation: Ensured fair allocation of utility costs among tenants, enhancing transparency and satisfaction.
    • Training and Support: Provided training to property management teams to ensure effective use of the new system.
  3. Utility Compliance:
    • Regulatory Updates: Kept Workman informed about changes in utility regulations and standards to ensure proactive compliance.
    • Compliance Audits: Conducted periodic compliance audits to identify non-compliance areas and recommend corrective actions.
    • Documentation and Reporting: Assisted in maintaining accurate records and producing compliance reports.
    • Heat Network Regulations Compliance: Worked across Workman’s portfolio to identify sites affected by the Heat Network Regulations, completed the required analysis, and confirmed compliance for over 130 sites.


Inteb’s collaboration with Workman yielded significant outcomes, demonstrating the value of the tailored services and products:

  1. Utility Metering Accuracy:
    • Reduced Disputes: Improved meter reading accuracy led to a significant reduction in tenant disputes and billing errors.
    • Cost Savings: Efficient metering and data integration processes reduced operational costs associated with manual meter reading.
  2. Tenant Recharging Solutions:
    • Billing Accuracy: Enhanced billing accuracy improved tenant satisfaction and reduced administrative overhead.
    • Enhanced Transparency: Transparent cost allocation fostered a positive tenant-landlord relationship.
  3. Utility Compliance:
    • Proactive Compliance: Consistently maintained compliance with utility regulations, avoiding penalties and legal issues.
    • Peace of Mind: Regular compliance audits and reporting provided a clear understanding of regulatory obligations.


Our partnership with Workman demonstrates our commitment to delivering effective solutions in utility metering, tenant recharging, and utility compliance. By addressing their challenges and implementing best practices, we have empowered Workman to improve accuracy, transparency, and regulatory compliance across their property portfolio. This case study underscores our ability to provide valuable services that enhance operational efficiency and ensure adherence to industry regulations, ultimately contributing to the long-term success of our clients and their stakeholders.