Inteb is growing: now is the time to work with us. - Inteb

Inteb is growing: now is the time to work with us.


As energy and sustainability experts, it’s essential to meet the demands of our customers with continual growth. After all, there will never be a time now when businesses won’t need to keep on top of sustainability practices.

You can’t afford to stand still, and neither can we.

Inteb is growing to meet the demand of our customers.

In recent months, Inteb has been working behind the scenes, recruiting and restructuring to meet future demand, which has seen six new members of staff joining the company in key roles, including industry specialist Roger Bird, who, with over two decades of industry experience, joins as Head of Trading, Risks and Markets.

Upon joining Inteb, Roger said:

Inteb’s focus is geared towards helping clients and businesses with their journey towards net zero, to make a real difference to climate change and business costs.

The energy market has become more volatile and challenging than ever, especially over the last 18 months. So, it’s vital that businesses couple sustainability goals and targets with a risk-managed strategy for energy purchasing tailored to individual business needs.

And to show how our people are our most important asset we are happy to announce that following a recent audit by Investors in People we have successfully achieved gold standard status again, which translates directly into excellent customer service from our enthused, knowledgeable and highly trained staff.

And our growth spurt couldn’t come at a more crucial time because we’re expecting a 40% boost in activity in 2023, which means these extra boots on the ground allow us to continue to provide excellent service, even during growing demand.

So, what can we do for your business if you work with us?

How to work with Inteb


Our services fall under four distinct categories:

1.    Build a ESG roadmap

This service is ideal if you need support with:

  • Building a sustainable economic model for your business
  • Meet energy and carbon reduction targets
  • Securing your future energy needs from renewable sources
  • Impressing stakeholders and creating positive marketing opportunities
  • Identifying sustainability opportunities

Inteb can build a commercial strategy and business case to help you reach net zero. Provide guidance on the best renewable energy options for your business. And provide you with maintenance and monitoring to help ensure the success of your renewable energy systems.

2.    Reduce Costs

This service is ideal if you need help with:

  • Identifying energy upgrade projects with a fast ROI
  • Spreading risk by purchasing energy when prices fall
  • Switching to 100% renewable energy
  • Protecting your business from volatile energy market fluctuations

Inteb’s energy experts will help you develop realistic energy policies and the action plan to achieve them, including sustainable energy procurement, building upgrades, data analytics, and more.

3.    Control Energy Performance

This service is ideal if you need help with:

  • Accurately calculating reliable data that supports decision making
  • Real-time detail on your carbon and energy consumption
  • Detecting avoidable energy waste that would otherwise remain hidden
  • Accurately measuring energy usage to identify quick savings

Inteb can help you to keep your finger on the pulse with a range of auditing, bureau, and on-site services that can help you identify low-cost quick wins.

4.    Ensure Compliance

This service is ideal if you need help with:

  • Protecting your reputation and building value
  • Energy-saving building upgrades and net zero compliance requirements
  • Maximising asset value with efficiency certifications and legislation
  • Managing energy performance

Inteb’s compliance experts, energy assessors, and surveyors work hard behind the scenes to ensure you’re fully certified and compliant with legislation and best practice energy management guidelines.

Unsure if working with Inteb is right for you?

That’s understandable, which is why you’ll be excited to hear that we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and brands, including:

And many more to manage and maintain their energy systems and reduce costs.

Now is the time to work with Inteb.

By growing our business, we can help yours to grow too.

Now is the time to work with us.

Want to work with us?

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