Advanced Energy Modelling

Our Energy Modelling services provide clients with accurate predictions and simulations of energy consumption, performance and efficiency for buildings and facilities.

Using advanced modelling software and industry expertise, we conduct comprehensive analyses to assess energy usage patterns, identify areas for improvement and evaluate the effectiveness of proposed energy-saving measures.

Our team considers various factors such as building design, occupancy patterns, HVAC systems, lighting configurations and renewable energy integration to develop highly detailed energy models.

These models enable clients to make informed decisions regarding energy management strategies, equipment upgrades and sustainability initiatives, ultimately leading to enhanced energy efficiency, cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Benefits To Client:

Optimised Energy Performance and Design: Gain insights into energy usage patterns and potential efficiency improvements to optimise building performance and reduce operational costs. As energy performance legislation becomes more stringent, it is necessary to better understand the way that our buildings behave.

Impact of Building Design Changes: Alterations in building design and usage significantly influence the energy and thermal performance of structures. Building energy modelling provides a detailed insight into the potential effects of these changes, enhancing your understanding and decision-making capabilities.

Sustainability Planning: Develop tailored sustainability plans and strategies based on accurate energy modelling data to meet environmental goals and regulatory requirements.

Financial Savings: Identify cost-effective energy-saving opportunities and investments that deliver significant long-term financial returns through reduced energy consumption.

Risk Mitigation: Assess the impact of proposed changes or upgrades on energy performance and identify potential risks or challenges before implementation.

Performance Validation: Validate the effectiveness of energy-saving measures and monitor ongoing performance to ensure sustained efficiency gains over time.

Enhanced Building Performance Simulation: Our advanced simulation software streamlines modelling time and boosts productivity. It stands out as the most capable and user-friendly tool for dynamic building performance analysis, designed to enhance your operational efficiency with ease of learning and application.

Optimising Building Energy Certification: If you’re engaged in building energy simulation, ASHRAE 90.1 modelling, BREEAM modelling, Green Star modelling, or similar certification processes, our thermal modelling and energy simulation software can expedite the production of necessary outputs for you and your clients.