Installation And Roll-out Of AMR Energy Meters & BMS Audits

Our comprehensive service facilitates the survey, design and installation of MID-approved Automated Meter Reading (AMR) energy meters on both settlement and sub metering.

AMR meters allow you to collect your consumption data in half-hourly intervals allowing you to more accurately monitor your energy usage.

Whether an individual metering unit or a portfolio, we can provide strategic advice on how an installation will affect your business.

We will ensure that you get the best value for replacing your old meters, at a time that suits you and that all industry red tape is handled correctly.

BMS maintenance contracts typically only ensure that the component parts operate correctly, but there is no real consideration as to whether it is operating efficiently from an energy point of view and matches the operational requirements of the business.

Benefits To Client:

Accurate Billing and Usage Insights: Automate your utility data collection for precise billing and insightful analysis of consumption patterns.

Operational Efficiencies: Leverage real-time data to identify and implement energy-saving measures, reducing operational costs.

Enhanced Energy Management: Integrate AMR data with your BMS for comprehensive monitoring and management of your building’s energy usage.

Sustainability Advancement: Support your sustainability initiatives with detailed consumption data, aiding in the reduction of your carbon footprint.

Strategic Decision Making: Utilise the detailed analytics provided by AMR and BMS integration to inform strategic decisions regarding energy conservation and operational improvements.