Water Audits and Recovery

Our Water Audits and Recovery service is specifically designed to help organisations identify inefficiencies in water usage and recover costs associated with overbilling or leakage.

Through a detailed audit of your water consumption, infrastructure, and billing, we pinpoint areas where water is being wasted and provide actionable recommendations to reduce usage and enhance water efficiency.

This process not only leads to significant cost savings but also contributes to your organisation’s sustainability goals by minimising water waste. In cases of historical overcharging, our team will negotiate with water suppliers on your behalf to secure refunds or credits, ensuring you only pay for the water you actually use.

Our comprehensive approach includes leak detection, tariff analysis, and consumption monitoring, offering a complete solution to manage and optimise your water expenses.

Benefits To Client:

Cost Recovery: Identify opportunities to recover costs from overbilling or leaks, directly improving your financial performance.

Reduced Water Bills: Implement conservation measures and rectify inefficiencies to achieve ongoing reductions in water expenses.

Enhanced Sustainability: Demonstrate environmental stewardship by reducing water waste and contributing to conservation efforts.

Operational Improvements: Benefit from improved water infrastructure management, preventing future losses and enhancing operational efficiency.

Comprehensive Water Management: Gain insights into your water usage patterns, enabling informed decisions on water management and efficiency improvements.