CRREM (Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor) Assessment

Our CRREM Assessment service provides real estate investors and owners with a detailed analysis of their portfolios in relation to carbon risk and compliance with global warming targets.

Utilising the CRREM tool, we identify the risk of ‘stranding’ assets due to evolving regulatory requirements and shifts in market preferences towards sustainability.

This assessment outlines the pathways for real estate assets to align with the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C target, offering clear, actionable strategies to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate financial risks associated with climate change.

Our expert analysis empowers property stakeholders to make informed decisions, enhancing the resilience and sustainability of their investments.

Benefits To Client:

Risk Mitigation: Proactively identify and address carbon-related risks in your real estate portfolio, safeguarding against future regulatory changes and market shifts.

Strategic Decarbonisation: Receive tailored decarbonisation pathways for each asset, ensuring compliance with international climate targets and reducing environmental impact.

Enhanced Asset Value: Improve the competitiveness and value of your properties by aligning with sustainability criteria, attracting green investments.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your real estate portfolio meets current and foreseeable regulatory requirements, avoiding penalties and enhancing sustainability credentials.

Market Leadership: Position yourself as a leader in sustainable real estate, setting benchmarks for the industry and contributing to the global effort against climate change.