Estate Management

Managing agents and asset managers, especially those with extensive portfolios, require robust tools, processes and resources to efficiently collect, manage, verify, and optimise data.

Managing energy and utilities poses significant challenges, even with dedicated in-house resources. Factors such as acquisitions, disposals, historical issues, supply contract modifications, evolving asset complexities and outdated or incomplete data can complicate the process.

Fortunately, we offer tailored solutions to streamline estate management.

Through our client portal, you gain visibility and control. We handle tasks like managing tenancy changes, organising supply contracts for vacant properties, future budget projections and debt management, ensuring your utilities and energy management remains efficient and effective.

Benefits To Client:

Dispute Resolution: Expert mediation services to resolve service charge disputes efficiently, preserving positive tenant relations and professional reputation.

Budgetary Accuracy: Comprehensive budget preparation and forecasting to ensure financial stability and compliance with RICS professional standards for service charges.

Seamless Supply Transfers: Management of utility and service supply transfers, reducing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition for tenants.

Efficient Change of Tenancies: Streamlined CoT processes minimise administrative burdens to ensure accurate billing and service continuation.

Strategic Support: Access to strategic advice and operational support to optimise property management tasks and enhance overall efficiency.

Void Management: Reduces the turn-around time on properties so you don’t incur costs of upkeep. To help you better manage your void property, we have created a seamless and time-saving process.