Intebinars – CPD Training

As a fully accredited CPD Trainer, our “Intebinars” CPD programme provides tailored professional development opportunities for both individual professionals and teams within businesses.

Available as open sessions or customised programmes integrated into corporate training pathways, these webinars cover the latest trends and technologies in energy and sustainability.

Each delegate receives access to a personal portal that tracks their attendance, seminar materials, and certifications, ensuring a comprehensive experience.

Benefits To Client:

Flexible Learning: Available as individual sessions or tailored programmes to meet business training needs.

Skill Enhancement: Boosts professional knowledge and skills in key areas of energy and sustainability.

Customisation: Designed to align with the specific goals and requirements of each business.

Industry Relevance: Keeps professionals updated with cutting-edge industry trends and technologies.

Employee Development: Integrates CPD into employee development pathways, enhancing workforce competence.

Comprehensive Tracking: Features a delegate portal for monitoring attendance, accessing materials, and obtaining certifications, streamlining the CPD process.