Track and Trace Survey Reporting

If an as-built electrical schematic does not exist or is not a true reflection of the current distribution of landlord and tenant utility supplies, then a site track-and-trace survey is recommended.

We provide a full turnkey solution, liaising with building management and occupiers; our team will survey to ensure high accuracy and reliability.

Whether you’re looking to recharge tenants for their usage or accurately monitor and track your carbon consumption, understanding your utility distribution is the first step.

We send qualified engineers to “trace and track” all utility distribution routes, circuits and metering arrangements to provide a full report of our findings covering electricity, gas, water and mechanical.

Benefits To Client:

Precise Mapping: Offers exact location details of underground utilities and resources, critical for effective project planning and development.

Risk Mitigation: Reduces the risk of damaging existing utilities, leading to safer construction practices and reduced liability.

Cost Savings: Helps prevent expensive project delays and repairs to utilities by providing comprehensive pre-emptive information.

Regulatory Adherence: Supports compliance with regulations related to environmental impact assessments and infrastructure development.

Informed Decision-Making: Provides stakeholders with reliable data, empowering them to make informed decisions throughout environmental and infrastructure projects.