Investment Grade Energy Audits

Identify where energy is being wasted and savings can be made with in-depth energy audits, conducted to the rigorous standards of BS/EN 16247, ensuring they meet investment-grade criteria for accuracy, comprehensiveness and reliability.

Designed for organisations looking to enhance their energy efficiency and reduce operational costs significantly, our audits provide a detailed analysis of energy consumption across all areas of operation.

We identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement, offering tailored recommendations that align with the latest in energy-saving technologies and practices.

Beyond identifying cost-saving opportunities, our audits are structured to support strategic investment in energy efficiency, helping businesses prioritise actions that offer the best return on investment and environmental impact.

Benefits To Client:

Detailed Consumption Analysis: Gain a deep understanding of where, how and when energy is used within your building’s operations, highlighting inefficiencies.

Cost Reduction: The audit thoroughly examines the building’s systems, equipment, and overall energy consumption patterns. This allows for identifying specific areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made, such as upgrading lighting, HVAC systems, insulation, or implementing energy management practices.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your business meets or exceeds current energy efficiency regulations and standards, avoiding potential fines and enhancing your sustainability credentials.

ROI Analysis: Receive clear, prioritised recommendations for energy efficiency investments, focusing on those with the highest returns and quickest paybacks.

Enhanced Sustainability Profile: Improve your organisation’s environmental footprint by reducing energy consumption, contributing to broader sustainability goals.