Fixed and Flexible Procurement Services

Our Fixed and Flexible Energy Procurement Services offer tailored solutions designed to mitigate market volatility and manage energy costs effectively.

Through our Fixed Energy Procurement strategy, we secure energy prices for a set period, providing budget certainty and protection from market price fluctuations. Alternatively, our Flexible Energy Procurement approach allows businesses to take advantage of market lows, purchasing energy at optimal times to maximise cost savings.

Our expert team analyses market trends and guides you in choosing the right strategy to align with your risk tolerance and financial objectives, ensuring your energy procurement aligns with your broader business goals.

Benefits To Client:

Budget Certainty: With Fixed Procurement, lock in energy rates and achieve budget stability, safeguarding against market volatility.

Cost Savings: Flexible Procurement leverages market dips, offering the potential for significant cost reductions over time.

Risk Management: Tailored advice and strategies designed to minimise risk based on your organisation’s specific risk profile.

Market Expertise: Access to specialist market insights and forecasting, allowing informed, strategic procurement decisions.

Customised Approach: Personalised procurement strategies that consider your consumption patterns, financial goals, and risk appetite.