CCA (Climate Change Agreements) Compliance and Management Service

Our Climate Change Agreements (CCA) Compliance and Management Service assists businesses in securing and maintaining compliance with CCAs, a UK government scheme that rewards companies with reduced environmental taxes in exchange for meeting agreed-upon energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets.

Tailored to sectors with energy-intensive processes, our service provides a comprehensive approach to managing CCAs, from initial application and setting baseline data to ongoing reporting and target achievement strategies.

We support businesses in leveraging the financial and operational benefits of CCAs, ensuring they not only comply with the requirements but also enhance their overall energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Our expert team guides you through the complexities of CCA management, offering advice on best practices, data management and strategies for surpassing your targets.

Benefits To Client:

Tax Incentives: Maximise financial savings through reduced environmental taxes by achieving or exceeding CCA targets.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Implement energy-saving measures that contribute to operational cost reductions and environmental performance improvements.

Strategic Compliance: Navigate the CCA scheme confidently with expert support, ensuring full compliance and optimal benefit from the agreement.

Sustainability Leadership: Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility by actively participating in and benefiting from the CCA scheme.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilise accurate data collection and analysis to inform strategic decisions around energy use, investment in efficiency technologies and carbon reduction initiatives.