Carbon Life Cycle and Embodied Carbon Assessments (TM65)

Our Carbon Life Cycle and Embodied Carbon Assessments service is meticulously designed to provide organisations with a comprehensive understanding of the carbon footprint associated with their products, services or operations from cradle to grave.

By evaluating the total greenhouse gas emissions embedded in the entire life cycle of a product or service, including extraction, manufacture, distribution, use, and disposal, we enable businesses to identify significant carbon hotspots and opportunities for reduction.

This thorough analysis helps in formulating strategies to minimise the embedded carbon within products and operations, aligning with sustainability goals and regulatory requirements for carbon reporting and reduction.

Benefits To Client:

Holistic Carbon Insight: Gain an in-depth understanding of the full carbon impact of your products or services, enabling informed decision-making towards carbon neutrality.

Strategic Emission Reductions: Identify and prioritise areas for carbon reduction across the life cycle, from material sourcing to end-of-life, fostering a more sustainable value chain.

Quantify the cost and carbon impacts of capital, maintenance and renewal activities on components over the life of a building: Our service assists you in evaluating both the environmental and cost impacts of your specification choices simultaneously, pinpointing the cost implications of selecting lower carbon solutions. It also forecasts future maintenance and replacement activities, allowing you to plan these tasks ahead of time and secure materials and specialist labour in advance. Furthermore, it aids you in implementing long-term decision-making strategies to enhance the efficiency of your property throughout its lifecycle.