Basket Approach

Our Basket Approach to Energy Procurement offers a collaborative purchasing strategy, enabling smaller businesses to combine their energy demands as a collective group to leverage greater buying power in the energy market.

This approach not only facilitates access to more competitive energy rates but also provides a level of flexibility and risk management typically reserved for larger corporations.

By pooling energy requirements, participants can achieve significant cost savings while benefiting from a strategy that mitigates exposure to market volatility.

Our service includes comprehensive market analysis, group formation, contract negotiation and ongoing management to ensure optimal outcomes for all members of the basket.

Benefits To Client:

Cost Reduction: Access to competitive energy prices through collective bargaining power, reducing overall energy costs.

Risk Diversification: Spread market risks across the basket, reducing the impact of price fluctuations on individual participants.

Simplified Procurement Process: Benefit from a streamlined procurement process managed by our experts, saving time and resources.

Flexibility and Scalability: Enjoy the flexibility to join or adjust your commitment based on your evolving energy needs and market conditions.

Expert Management: Rely on our expertise to manage the procurement process from start to finish, including supplier negotiations, contract management, and ongoing support.