Data Measurement, Reporting and Monitoring

Inteb’s robust emission factor database and seamless software platform guarantees precise and transparent measurement of greenhouse gas emissions.

Globally, major companies utilise our platform to report both direct and indirect emissions.

Additionally, it gathers a varied, geo-referenced dataset that surpasses standard carbon and sustainability reporting, encompassing Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s scopes 1, 2, and 3, alongside other critical corporate indicators such as water, forests, and TCFD metrics – examining not just your impact on the climate but also the climate’s impact on your operations.

Benefits To Client:

Informed Decision Making: Leverage detailed data and analytics to make informed decisions that enhance your sustainability practices and policies.

Accurate Emissions Assessment: Gain a precise understanding of your carbon footprint, encompassing all sources of direct and indirect emissions.

Enhanced Reporting: Detailed sustainability reports that communicate your achievements and future commitments to stakeholders, enhancing transparency and trust. Our software provides audit-ready reports set up for CDP, TCFD, SECR, PPN06/21, and future carbon reporting legislation.

Powerful Environmental Risk Monitoring: Provides supply chain-wide analysis in an easy-to-use business intelligence portal, to quickly flag potential problem areas and trigger remediation or mitigating activities.

Investor and Customer Confidence: Demonstrate environmental responsibility, increasing trust and loyalty among investors, customers, and the community.