Heat Metering

Our Heat Metering service is designed for organisations seeking to accurately measure and manage the consumption of heating energy within their facilities.

This service is essential for properties with central heating systems where the distribution of heat varies across different units, such as in multi-tenant buildings, residential complexes, and commercial properties.

By installing advanced heat meters, we enable precise monitoring of heat energy usage, facilitating fair and transparent billing based on actual consumption rather than estimated allocations.

Our comprehensive approach includes the selection and installation of the most suitable heat metering technology, integration with existing heating systems and ongoing support to ensure accurate data collection and management.

This enables property owners and managers to encourage energy conservation, reduce overall heating costs
and improve the sustainability of their operations.

Benefits To Client:

Accurate Billing and Fair Cost Allocation: Ensure tenants are billed fairly for their actual heating usage, promoting transparency and trust.

Energy Conservation: Identify opportunities for reducing heat consumption, encouraging more efficient use of heating resources.

Cost Management: Monitor and manage heating costs more effectively, leading to potential savings and more efficient building operations.

Sustainability: Support your environmental goals by reducing unnecessary heat consumption and contributing to overall energy efficiency.

Regulatory Compliance: Meet legal and regulatory requirements for energy measurement and billing in multi-occupancy buildings.