Renewable Energy Contracts

Our Renewable Energy contracts service is tailored for businesses seeking to enhance their sustainability profile by shifting towards green energy sources.

This offering supports organisations in procuring renewable energy directly from suppliers, through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), or via green tariffs, ensuring the energy you consume is environmentally friendly and supports global sustainability goals. We navigate the complexities of the renewable market to secure the best contracts that align with your energy needs and environmental commitments.

From initial feasibility studies to contract negotiation and management, our comprehensive service facilitates a smooth transition to renewable sources, optimising cost while maximising your green credentials.

Benefits To Client:

Sustainability Achievement: Directly contribute to reducing carbon emissions by sourcing energy from renewable projects.

Cost Predictability: Lock in energy rates with renewable contracts, protecting against future price volatility in the
non-renewable sector.

Enhanced Corporate Image: Demonstrate a tangible commitment to environmental responsibility, improving brand perception among consumers and stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance: Stay ahead of legislation and benefit from incentives related to renewable energy usage and carbon reduction targets.

Long-Term Savings: Benefit from potential long-term savings as the cost of renewable energy continues to decrease relative to fossil fuels.